YYM Test

Erich in Y Yoga Movie Clip. Complete film 88 minutes
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“Y Yoga Movie” premiered during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado August 2008. Since then, many people have discovered a better and healthier life through experiencing this view of Yoga and Meditation. In fact, “Y” has had amazing resonance with school children, soldiers, maximum security prisoners and people from all walks of life, on every inhabited continent. Recently a fan of "Y Yoga Movie", gave a copy to President Bill Clinton. A few weeks later I received a personal note from President Clinton thanking me for "Y Yoga Movie" and for inspiring his journey to a healthier life. In fact since then he has been practicing Yoga and is a Vegan. What an honor to have encouraged, inspired and nurtured through "Y Yoga Movie" so many peaceful warriors in the world to honor, delight and enjoy their practice. I am humbly touched by the effect that this has had on this beautiful and fragile planet since its release. in Love Light and Peace, Om Mani Padme Hum Arthur Klein Yoga-Meditation Activist & Filmmaker

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