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2 full length videos
1. The Wave & the Ocean ~ Yoga Philosophy Made Easy and
2. Erich at Feathered Pipe Ranch (Traffic Helicopter talk)

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  • the Wave & the Ocean video & Erich Schiffmann at Feather Pipe Ranch Video

  • Premier ebook of Dharma Talks & July Venice Class MP3 Audio of Dharma Talks, Guided Asana & Guided Meditations

  • aka Erich Schiffmann at the Feather Pipe Ranch



The Wave & the Ocean ~ Yoga Philosophy Made Easy

Join Erich for this profoundly simple illustrated talk, filmed at his June 2006 Yoga Teacher Training in Venice, CA. The Wave and the Ocean, yoga philosophy made simple is the essence of Erich’s teachings, delivered with spontaneous clarity and his unique sense of humor.

This is the 2nd half of the story. The Traffic Helicopter* is the 1st half, an analogy that illustrates the meaning of yoga: reaching beyond our finite, ground-level view of life to yog with, to yoke or join with, the instantly accessible aerial perspective of the Infinite. But the story doesn’t stop there. The Wave and the Ocean is the often-overlooked deeper half. It clearly conveys the idea that the aerial view isn’t something outside ourselves. It doesn’t require a “joining with.” Rather, it’s just under the surface of who we think we are. The only effort required is the willingness to simply relax into the depths of who we already naturally are.

“Every wave is the specific and unique self-expression of the entire ocean. Yoga is about the wave, you and me, relaxing into ourselves and feeling the energy that constitutes our presence.”

*The Traffic Helicopter Analogy is on the Feathered Pipe Ranch DVD.


Erich Schiffmann at the Feathered Pipe Ranch full length feature video

Nestled in the mountains near Helena, Montana lies a sanctuary of peace, a nurturing place where love, renewal, transformation, and nothing short of pure magic flows freely. Each summer, yogis from all over the planet converge here at the Feathered Pipe Ranch for a week long yoga and meditation retreat with yoga master Erich Schiffmann.

For six days the group is immersed in the practice, the teachings, the philosophy, as well as the awe-inspiring beauty, in order to experience the meaning of yoga: conscious union with the Infinite. The more the meaning of yoga is experienced, the more it is elevated on the planet and extended outward to everyone and everything, everywhere. And now it is gratefully and joyously being extended to you.

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