Freedom Yoga Workshop – Yogaville, Virginia – Oct 8, 2016 p-4


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  • Bella's Story

    THE LATEST INSIGHT/THEOREM: "Absolutely everything you see is an idea in Mind, made out of Mind, being observed by Mind, your mind." In other words, YOU as the observer are the infinite Mind looking out at its own infinite self-expression. Whoa!

  • Weather Reports are Good

    SHIFTING YOUR ADDRESS. You are not a body being aware. You are that which is aware of the body and world.

  • Boundless Awareness

    MIND IS THE SPACE IN WHICH SPACE IS HAPPENING We've been doing spiritual practices for eons. We're right at this ripening point. We're waking up to Unity consciousness. We're waking up to the fact that there's Unity consciousness because there's only one Consciousness!

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