You Will Feel More Alive – venice class – Oct 1, 2013

Increasingly dare to do that which is feeling most right to you. It is smart to do this. It's smart to trust your deepest impulses because "you" are not just stupid-little-you. You are only who you are, you only exist, because The Totality is being Itself and it is looking like you right there where you are. You trusting yourself, therefore, is how you trust into the wisdom of the universe.

The trick involves learning to think less, as a lifestyle, as weird as that sounds. Because when you think less, and you are no longer energizing your current mindsets, your current level of ignorance, then "the download" from Universal Wisdom can register with you. Listen, listen, listen . . . instead of think. Let this be the new thing you do. Use your thinking to remind yourself to listen. New inspiration will inspire you into action and you will come alive.

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