Whenever It Occurs To You, Relax – venice class – free sample
Jan 28, 2014 tu

I am talking about this because this is part of Yoga. Yoga is not just PE. It is about the mind-state that develops. The mind-state evokes greater appreciation for What's Happening, Life, live — not because life is impermanent and everything is going to die, but because it is happening!

So realize: If you are not relaxed, then you are uptight. Your experience of you will be uncomfortable. As you relax, you will become the embodiment of comfort. You will expand energetically — sort of like a bubble, relaxing its outer border, which thereby becomes more permeable. You will then feel the air in which you are floating as being the air of which you are made. You will experience yourself merging with Infinity, and you will know there is a Unity. This is the experience of YOGA.

There is a Unity. There is a Singularity. Therefore, life is not the enemy. Therefore, relax. Especially when you are fearful, especially when it seems like life is the enemy, do your best to relax and become permeable . . . because, when you do, the wisdom of Unity will register with you. You will find yourself knowing what to do to resolve the problems that were causing you to get uptight.

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