Mind and Body are Inseparable – venice class – Aug 13, 2015 th

Erich (Holding a flower in his hand): As you can see, the flower has a shadow. And wherever the flower goes, there also goes the shadow. You know what I mean? Flower and shadow are inseparable. But, the flower is not there because of the shadow. And yet they are inseparable.

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Courage – venice class – Aug 11, 2015 th

Erich: The other day I made reference to Descartes, the French philosopher. His famous dictum was, “I think, therefore I am.”

When I first heard that I said, "It sounds good to me. I don't know. That guy seems pretty smart." But then, the more I got into this, the more it seemed like I could argue his case in a way that I would agree with, but basically I think he got it backwards.

It's not, "I think, therefore I am."

It's the other way around. “I am” comes first...

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Trust the Universe – venice class – Aug 6, 2015 th

Erich: (Speaking to Hiromi, on the front of her t-shirt it says, "Trust The Universe")  Would you mind standing up?

Hiromi: [quizzical look]

Erich: Would you mind standing up? Yes.

And then look that way.

And then look that way. [laughs]

Then look that way.

(Speaking to the class:) I mean do you have a better plan than that? You know what I mean? ...

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Intuitive Alignment – venice class – Aug 4, 2015 tu

Erich: Now, remember, I have been recommending also that you go to other people's classes because everyone is teaching something different, and it's good to get a lot of different information. In here, it has been mostly talking — not mostly, but a large portion. There is more talking in my classes these days than most classes, and there is less asana instruction — which feels fine to me. I have taught asana instruction for 40 years. It's sort of like, “Go to someone else's class for that,” though it is super important. Learn it. Really. Learn it. Asana alignment is interesting.

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