2 times 2 equals 4 – venice class – Jun 30, 2015 tu

Erich: So, again, thank you for coming to class today. Thank you for coming as regularly as many of you have been coming. I appreciate it. It inspires me. It makes me want to do better.

I always ask inwardly for guidance about what to talk about and what to do in here. What keeps coming up is, "Keep hammering on what we've been hammering on" — until we're a little clearer about it, and a little clearer about it, and a little clearer about it. Until it's obvious that, "Yes, that's sort of the way it is. Maybe that's the way it is. Yes, that's the way it is. Maybe. Yes. No. Maybe. Yes."

Again, it revolves around the word "infinity" — which may not seem relevant. And yet, as it turns out, it's the relevant concept. We have been talking about this a lot. I don't need to keep saying it the same way, again and again. But, the gist of it... And just sort of hear this.

Infinity is The All.

Infinity is the Conscious Space of Awareness in which everything that's happening is happening...

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Forms and Formlessness – venice class – Jun 25, 2015 th

Erich: So, for example — and this is where it has taken me. Look at something that is in your actual field of vision right now. Actually look at something.

I can see this iPod. I can see my watch. I can see the tape-recorder. I can see the schmacker. I can see the bell.

Anything that you can see is a form.

A form has a border and a boundary around it.

And what we have been saying the last number of months, years, is that forms — anything with a border or a boundary, like bubbles, or clouds, or schmackers — are floating in formlessness.

A cloud floats in the sky. A cloud has a border and a boundary, but the sky doesn't. The sky is a pretty good analogy for formlessness. There is no border or boundary around the sky, and yet it is really there...

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Letter to a Friend – venice class – Jun 23, 2015 tu

Erich: We have been talking about something very interesting. I want to get into it again and then I want to read something. I have never read anything in here. I wrote it, but I am going to read it.

But, just the background on this — and remember, it's easy to get into a guilt trip about this. But, it's just as easy to not get into a guilt trip about this. And I am saying it so that you don't go into a guilt trip about it, but so that you actually start having hope.

The Feeling-Tone Of Infinity

The big picture is Infinity, the not finite.

CONSCIOUS INFINITY is the SPACE in which everything is happening...

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Feel It Within, See It Without – venice class – Jun 18, 2015 th

Erich: Now, one thing that's fun about this is that the clearer you get, the more the colors start getting prettier. This may sound silly, at first. But, it is an easy thing to start playing with during the day.

And so, all I want to say right now is: Feel it within and then see it without.

Feel it within and see it without.

Feel the truth of what you are, and then look at things, the colors. Notice that

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Infinity Revisited – venice class – Jun 16, 2015 tu

Erich: Is everybody ready? Finally, we're starting!

So, again, in case you don't already know this, Chapter One in these classes is talking about the Yoga mindset, to the best of my understanding. I know I am still learning, so I am anticipating that I will be able to say it more and more clearly.

The last class, what we talked about, I think was so important. I've listened to it four times. I read the transcript once. I feel like I need to go through it a few more times.

And I'm going to try and say it again, OK?

But, simple-er...

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