Updating Our Understanding – venice class – May 28, 2015 th

Erich: Most of you know this, and I know this, but, still, it's the thing!

The main practice is the holy instant. Well, let me back up a step, so it makes sequential sense.

Yoga is the inquiry into Truth. Start with that. Just be clear. That's what it is. It is not just P.E. It's one of the six schools of Indian philosophy.

It's an inquiry into Truth.

The question you dig with, therefore, is "What is the truth here, really?" That is the little sentence that should go through your mind a lot.

"What is the truth here, really?" — because Yoga is the inquiry into Truth...

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Subtle Joy – venice class – May 26, 2015 tu

Erich: So, in terms of a new paradigm — and this isn't new. I've talked about this. But, it's helpful to have this clarity every once in a while.

Infinity IS.

Infinite means "not finite..."

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I See You – venice class – May 21, 2015 th

Erich: So, as I am driving to class, I always ask inwardly for guidance about what to talk about. "If there is anything to talk about, what should I talk about?" That is the question I say. That way I am not assuming that I am going to have to talk about something, or that there will be a talk, or that I really know what's up. But, "If I am supposed to talk about something, what should I talk about today?" I Google it!

Remember, that's the practice. That's the thing to do.

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the Main Practice – venice class – May 19, 2015 tu

Erich: The thing I want to review, or refresh, or make sure we are so clear on, is the main practice. I've been talking about this a lot all year. But, just to keep hammering it in.

Yoga, remember, is the inquiry into truth. Therefore, spend more time wondering, "What's going on here, really? What is the truth here, really?"

Yoga is the inquiry into truth. Asking that question is the main practice. It's called the Holy Instant. Do it whenever it occurs to you, and get to the place where you're willing to do it when it occurs to you...

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Namasté and Body Authorization – venice class – May 12, 2015 tu

Erich: The other thing I want to refresh is the Body Authorization sentence. You should know this, too. Again, "Two times two is four." "Two times three is six." "I authorize my body to release..."

Know these things! Know them so that, especially when you are getting slammed by something, you can put the principle into action.

The sentence I'm recommending is:

"I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning, and I withdraw any prior conscious or unconscious authorization to the contrary."

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