Savasana – venice class – Apr 9, 2015 th

Erich: I've been trying to include more Savasana in these classes. We did it the other day. It's been on my mind to do more of it. But, in lieu of that, as a homework, maybe get yourself to do Savasana at home, deliberately, if not every day, then maybe once a week.

Savasana is the Deep Relaxation Pose. You simply lie down and relax, and let yourself become wide open, and pay attention to the experience you are having...

I have a friend. His main practice is Savasana every afternoon. He has a favorite selection of music, Bach or Beethoven, something classical, a 20-minute piece. And the best part of his day is to just lie down in the living room, put the music on, nice volume, and just whoosh, go for it.

Good homework!

It's a good practice, learning to be wide open. Most people agree it's a good idea to be open, rather than shielded. But, man, how many of us are actually doing it? Because, I know when I am really doing it, I'm different from how I am most of the time. You know what I mean?

And it's interesting when you start feeling the difference.

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My Morning Ritual – venice class – Apr 7, 2015 tu

Erich: The other thing I want to keep reminding everybody about, because I keep learning it anew, is always keep going back to the basics.

Yoga. It means, "to yoke," "to join." When you "yoke" and "join," you will experience the already-existing Unity.

So, the word, Yoga, means "join," but it also means "union, Unity."

In easy words, it's about small mind — your sense of self — joining with Big Mind. The more you join with Big Mind, the more you realize, "Oh wow, I'm not actually joining with Big Mind. Big Mind IS my mind."

There's only one Infinite Mind, really. One Consciousness. And, if you are conscious, then that Consciousness is being You. That IS your consciousness...

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In the Middle of the Ultimate – venice class – Apr 2, 2015 th

Erich: Philosophy means "the love of truth." Yoga means "yoke," union, unity. And so, the way we have been talking about it is that Yoga is the inquiry into truth.

Now, the big point I want to emphasize again — and, this is the big point because this is the big point I'm going through. And I would vote that if you are a teacher just keep talking about the stuff that you are on the leading edge with. It will be exciting for you. It will be exciting for everybody. I'm definitely in learning-mode about all of this. It's fun to be in learning-mode.

The huge insight is that we are not in a temporary world on the way to somewhere better. We are in the middle of The Ultimate. We are in the middle of Reality. There's no place else you could be!

Thinking that you are in a temporary world on the way to "somewhere better" puts you in a mindset of just putting up with the way things are, as though you're "doing time." Those are the perfect words. It feels like you're "doing time." Whereas ...

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