Death is a Fake – venice class – Feb 26, 2015 th

Erich: Let me get into one final thought here before we slide into the meditation. This is partly from what we were talking about the other day. My take on all of this, remember, is that there is no such thing as death. Just hear that. Watch how you argue with it. Watch how you go, "Yes, I already know that," or whatever. But, there is no such thing as death.

When it appears as though somebody dies, all that's happened is that they have gone beyond your present range of vision. You can't track them at the moment. It's like my nephew getting on the plane and he flies out of here. To all empirical evidence at my disposal he's dead and gone. But, to him, his experience is he is still fully embodied! He is where he is. He's having a good ride. That is exactly what is happening.

When someone appears to die and go out of this experience, they don't stop existing. They continue on, fully being who they are with their current level of understanding, in the middle of Infinity...

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the Presence of Mind – venice class – Feb 24, 2015 tu

Erich: At the moment, it seems like you are in a world, and in a body. It also seems like you leave the world and "drop" your old used-up physical body at the end of an incarnation.

The new understanding, however, involves the realization that there is no such thing as the extinguishment of Being. There is ongoing Life, eternal morphation. Therefore, you will ALWAYS exist and you will always have a body. But, YOU are not in a body. It's that the spiritual presence that you are is visible and manifest!

We're shifting away from the, "I'm in a body" idea. A more accurate statement would be, "The body I am cognizant of is in my awareness." You are not a body being aware. You are that which is aware of the body. You will still have a body. You will still be aware of your body. But, you will know, "Oh, wow, I am not a form being conscious. I am that which is aware of forms."...

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Infinite Means Not Finite – venice class – Feb 19, 2015 th

The word that keeps talking to me, and which I'm interested in learning more about, is "infinity." The idea I'm working with is: Infinity is another word for MIND or Consciousness. Infinity — or Mind, or Consciousness — is the Conscious Context in which everything is happening. It is the Conscious Context.

Infinite means "not finite."

Finite means "limited."

Infinite, therefore, means, "not limited."...

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Waking Up to Unity – venice class – Feb 17, 2015 tu

Now, in addition to doing that, the main homework I have been suggesting is the Holy Instant. Practice the Holy Instant a lot — a lot — until it feels like it is driving you nuts. It is driving you sane, is what it's doing. If you can just get yourself to do the Holy Instant, it will shift you out of your normal mind-state. Your normal mind-state is what's insane. It is what's wacko.

The practice of the Holy Instant takes just an instant to do. Exhale and relax, and then mentally say to yourself, or wonder to yourself, or wonder to The Infinite, to God, say, "What is the truth here, really?" That is the practice. And then put a comma in your commentary. Shut up about it for a few moments. Ask the question and then don't race for the answer. Don't make up the answer right away. Refrain from making up an answer.

Be smart enough to know that you don't really know. But, want to know. Knowing is possible. And so, be open to a new Knowing.

The clue, remember, is that if you are conscious — and you ARE conscious, you would have to be conscious to even debate the fact — then, your consciousness is wirelessly connected to Consciousness...

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the Feeling-Tone of Infinity – venice class – Feb 12, 2015 th

Now, I want to go a little bit longer here, just to paint the big picture. I don't want it to seem wordy, but this has been significant for me. It's helpful.

I talk about Infinity. Infinite means "not finite." Finite means "limited." Infinite, therefore, is unlimited. Finite is anything with a border or a boundary. Forms are finite. But, any form or "thing" — like a bubble or a cloud — is happening in formlessness, in that which is not finite. A bubble floats in the air. A cloud floats in the sky. The bubble is a form, a cloud is a form, but the sky itself is not a form.

Formlessness is really there, but it is not a "thing."

Manifest Creation is formations in Formlessness, formations of Formlessness.

Consciousness is the Formless, the No-Thingness, the Nothingness, which is the Space or Context of everything. Infinity, therefore, is the Conscious Context in which finite forms are being experienced.

Now, if there is such a thing as The Infinite, then there is nothing other than The Infinite for The Infinite to be in conflict with. Therefore, the feeling-tone of Infinity is Calm — at peace, fearless, not afraid, because everything is happening inside Itself as an expression of Itself. There is no enemy.

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