the Flower at the Top of the Stem – venice class – Feb 10, 2015 tu

So, get familiar with the 10 Movements of your head, and then during your asana practice, as well as during the day, pay more attention to what you are actually doing with your head and neck. Let it be the flower at the top of the stem.

You are always doing something. Start being aware of what you ARE doing. Know what your options and choices are, and then mindfully self-correct so you are always doing the one that's feeling the most groovy. God, I haven't said that word in, what, 40 years?

With Love and Pranams,

From Erich

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There is Only One Answer – venice class – Feb 5, 2015 th

Yes, learn from human teachers. But, what you should really learn is how to Google the Internet of Infinite Mind on your own. The secret, as far as I can tell, is put a comma in your commentary and then listen. Pause what you would habitually do, and then listen more. You will then find yourself being inspired about how to move and flow.

Now, the simplicity of that is: Learn to relax. Throughout my life, that has been the main concept that has held its own the most. Just relax. Just relax. Just relax. In every conceivable meaning of the word — your muscles, your concerns, your fears, whatever is making you tense. Remind yourself to chill every once in a while. You won't get slammed. Or, go relax where it's safe. As you relax, the wisdom from The Infinite will start feeling like your common sense.

Just relax, relax, relax, relax. And it's easy to notice it in your body.

And one of the big insights is, "Wow, your body doesn't get tense all by itself!" It's not like, "Oh, my body is freaking out." Your body merely displays where you're at. If you are feeling tension in your neck or your back, it's not that you have a "bad neck" or a "bad back." It's feedback. So, let the fact that you are feeling tension remind you to relax, and then inquire into what's really going on. Learn to relax the physical stuff. Shifting your attention to that helps get you out of the mindset that was creating the tension.

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OK! That was Chapter One – venice class – Feb 3, 2015 tu

There were several minutes of silence, then:

OK! That was Chapter One :))))

Let's start with the meditation.

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