Did You Do Yoga During Hiatus? – venice class – Sep 30, 2014 tu

Q: I was just wondering, during your hiatus did you find time to do Yoga for yourself

Erich: Absolutely. He is asking if I did yoga during my "hiatus". Thank you for your question, but you have to be clear on this. When someone asks you, "Did you do Yoga?" be attentive. The old way I would hear the question was, "Did I do my asana practice for an hour and a half every day? Did I do my inversions? Did I do my backbends?"

Now when I hear, "Did you do Yoga?" I don't go there in my mind and then answer by saying yes or no. Yoga is about BEING ONLINE. It is less about what you are doing with your body. It's about your mindset. It's about being connected to Big Mind, consciously — because you ARE...

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