Be Curious – venice class – Mar 27, 2014 th

The advanced technique is BE CURIOUS. I like saying it this way because it tells you what to do without telling you what to do. The homework has been to say the sentence, "What is the truth about this new Now experience, really? What is the truth about this bowl? What is the truth about this towel?" Say the sentence frequently, so you are not saying what you normally say. Say the sentence so you are putting a different commentary in your experience. Say the sentence and then put a comma in your commentary. This will set you up for having a clearer assessment about the truth of Life, live.

Life will become more precious, more awesome — ...

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Run With It – venice class – Mar 25, 2014 tu

I have been assigning various homeworks. The reason I assign homework is because Yoga is about lifestyle, the way you live your life. Run with it. Do the homework. Dig with this question. Say this sentence in order to direct your attention to the experience it engenders. "What is the truth of this new Now moment, really?"

Whenever it occurs to you to say that sentence is the EXACT moment when you should say it. Ask the question, say the words, but then do not make up the answer. Be right there in listening mode so as to experience the truth of Life, live. Wash your mind clean about what you think is happening and give your attention in the new Now to whatever is in your experience. The Earth isn't flat. There is no such thing as death. There is no enemy. Life Only.

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What Is The Truth Of This New Now? – venice class – Mar 20, 2014 th

Yoga is the inquiry into the nature of Truth, Reality, Life, live. Therefore, the main question to inquire with is, "What is the truth of this new Now moment?" Inquire with that sentence, many many many many times in a day. Whenever it occurs to you to say that sentence is the exact moment when you should say it. Let it remind you to put a pause in your commentary, so as to have a clearer and clearer experience of Life, live. Even right now, say the sentence to yourself and wonder, "What is the truth of this new Now moment, really?" It's fun. It's healthy. It will change your experience.

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the Freeform Chapter – venice class – Mar 18, 2014 tu

I think most everyone here is getting the technique and the joy of the Freeform Chapter. All you do is listen for Inner Guidance. It is as though you are wirelessly connected to the Internet of Infinite Mind and you are simply listening for the download. Instead of inserting your own preferences, instead of inserting what you think you are supposed to do, you learn that what you are really supposed to do is LISTEN. Because when you do, the download will register with you. You will know what to do. The download from the Internet of Infinite Mind will start feeling like your common sense.

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In Simple Words – venice class – Mar 11, 2014 tu

Yoga Philosophy is why I got into the practices. I was interested in the mindset, the spiritual outlook. In simple words, the technique I practice involves learning to think less, as idiotic as that sounds! Think less and listen more. Do active listening. Because when you do, Knowing happens. Then your job, your joy, what you get to do is live it! Give expression to what you find yourself Knowing when you are not thinking.

That is a simple paragraph. But, keep swimming around in it! Wherever you are in a day is exactly where you should be actively listening more, and thinking less, so as to make yourself susceptible to Knowing. You will then be inspired into the next new moment. Wow, so cool! You know? Living your life and feeling more and more inspired.

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