Spiritual Beings In a Spiritual Universe – venice class – Feb 25, 2014 tu

It's not that you become more and more "light." It's that you become increasingly aware that that is what you have been the whole time. That is a significant difference. Otherwise it will seem as though you must change yourself from a dense, physical "mortal" into a spiritual light presence, an "immortal," as though you were changing a flat world into a round world. But, you are not changing a flat world into a round world. You are not changing a physical being into a spiritual being. You are just finally having a clearer assessment of what has been going on the whole time. Increasingly, the realization is that what was has been going on the whole time is that we are spiritual beings in a spiritual universe.

This does not mean you will not be specifically identified. This does not mean you will be without a body. You will always have a body. But, YOU are not the body! You are Conscious Presence, which looks like something.

You will never be without a body, is my understanding. And, therefore, the fact that you "have" one is not proof that you are in a lesser dimension. You will always be embodied. You will always look like something. Consciousness is manifest and is aware of its manifestation. But, who you are is Consciousness. It is NOT that the manifestation is conscious. It's the other way around. CONSCIOUSNESS is manifest. The ordering is crucial.

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Think Less & Listen More, Because – venice class – Feb 20, 2014 th

One of the main themes I always want to reiterate is that Yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga is about the way you do your life, not just part of the time, but all the time. The profound working hypothesis for how to do this, and this is the summation sentence at the end of many pages of figuring things out, is this:

because when you do KNOWING flows in,
to what you find yourself Knowing,
whether you can explain it yet or not.

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Relax. Love. Trust. More – venice class – Feb 13, 2014 th

Do not just be in agreement with the concepts. Yes, be in agreement with the concepts, but then live them. Apply them. Do the homework. More : )))))

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Relax. Love. Trust. – venice class – Feb 11, 2014 tu

These are three of the primary themes I have been emphasizing for the past year or so: 1) Relax. Whenever it occurs to you, relax a little more than you already are. Relax your muscles and relax your fears, your concerns. 2) Practice love. Do this where it is easy. Pet your kitty with more conscious affection while you are petting your kitty. 3) Trust. The more you do the first two, the more you will find yourself willing to trust your insights and impulses about what to do or not do. You will find yourself being more inspired, more of the time. Try these. It is a totally cool way to live.

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Practice With a Notebook – venice class – Feb 6, 2014 th

Eventually, when you practice, it will feel like you are channeling. You will find yourself inventing interesting little patterns that you did not think up. You received them, you caught them, you channeled them. If I don't write these down I totally forget them, which would be fine, except these are the patterns I want to catch and bring into class. And so, especially if you are a teacher, practice with a notebook. Get into channeling mode and then pause every once in a while and scribble down the patterns you are doing, as well as your insights.

Insights are fun to catch. They help clarify what you are about. Essentially, they help you get to the place where it makes sense to "shut up" and "listen" and "expect the download." It often takes many years of thinking and figuring things out before you are able to 1) relax into trust, 2) know there is such a thing as the download, and then 3) expect to hear it, and 4) be brave enough to give expression to it.

Also, continue with the 4 homeworks: 1) Relax Whenever It Occurs To You, 2) Practice Love More, 3) Trust Your Insights, your impulses about how to do and be, and 4) Meditate In Bed.

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