Life, Live – venice class – Jan 9, 2014 th

I often use the phrase, "Life, live," as a way of talking about Reality. When it occurs to you, use this mantra for the next few weeks. As you inhale say, "Life," as you exhale say, "live." Life, live. Life, live. Life, live. Life, live. As you are saying the words inwardly wonder, "What is the truth of Life, live?" Don't make up an answer. Experience the Answer. Experience what Life, live, feels like to you. This will help pull you out of your imagination about what you think is happening. The truth of what's happening will then begin to register with you.

We are the current yogis on the planet. We are at a very interesting moment in history. The world is waking up to Unity, and we are experiencing some difficulty. But it is increasingly obvious that EVERYONE is part of the same Tribe, whether we are acting like it yet or not, and whether we like the fact yet or not. Those who are clear need to broadcast the news, "Unity is the fact."

Watch your own mind more closely about how you are defining other people — as "the enemy," or as "a deluded brother or sister who is waking up to the fact of Unity," or as something else. Increasingly the realization is there is no such thing as an enemy. There is no enemy!

Be realistic. Want to know what the truth is of Life, live.

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