Life is the Law of Being – venice class – Jan 30, 2014 th

Increasingly, the insight is that your real DNA is not what your father died of, and not what your grandmother died of. Your real DNA — the thing that you are really susceptible to, the thing that is really the truth of what you are, the reality of your reality — is G-O-D. God. And God means Supreme Being, Life. Oh! Supreme Being. Life. Oh! Life is the Law of Being. Life therefore is the truth of what you are, effortlessly, forever. Suspend any disbelief you might have about this for a few moments and let the meaning of this soak in.

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Whenever It Occurs To You, Relax – venice class – Jan 28, 2014 tu

I am talking about this because this is part of Yoga. Yoga is not just PE. It is about the mind-state that develops. The mind-state evokes greater appreciation for What's Happening, Life, live — not because life is impermanent and everything is going to die, but because it is happening!

So realize: If you are not relaxed, then you are uptight. Your experience of you will be uncomfortable. As you relax, you will become the embodiment of comfort. You will expand energetically — sort of like a bubble, relaxing its outer border, which thereby becomes more permeable. You will then feel the air in which you are floating as being the air of which you are made. You will experience yourself merging with Infinity, and you will know there is a Unity. This is the experience of YOGA.

There is a Unity. There is a Singularity. Therefore, life is not the enemy. Therefore, relax. Especially when you are fearful, especially when it seems like life is the enemy, do your best to relax and become permeable . . . because, when you do, the wisdom of Unity will register with you. You will find yourself knowing what to do to resolve the problems that were causing you to get uptight.

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Your Physical Health – venice class – Jan 21, 2014 tu

If you want to take care of your physical health, watch what you are doing with your mind. Stop believing in the inevitability — the assumed inevitability — of death. Then immediately, or as soon as you are willing to do it, bring your attention back to Reality — Life, live — and experience the truth of what's actually happening right now. You will then experience the thrill of Conscious Being, the hum of regeneration. You will! It's there. Let it soak in. Let it radiate out.

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Listening For Inner Guidance – venice class – Jan 16, 2014 th

Say these sentences a lot. "I want to do what You would have me do. What would You have me do?" Whenever it occurs to you, say the sentences again. Get wirelessly Online again, and again, and again, and again.

At first it will feel like you are getting Online with Big Mind, as though you were joining, as though you were yoking — which is the initial meaning of yoga, "to yoke." And then you'll realize, "Oh wow, this Big Mind that I am joining with is actually my mind. Big Mind is my mind!" This is the other, more primary meaning of yoga, "union" or "unity." It is a statement.

The practices help you experience your unity with Infinity. There is only one Infinite Mind or Conscious Presence, and it is infinitely individuated as you and me and everything else. Your job, your joy, what you get to do, is live your life with Online Knowing.

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the Morning Sentences – venice class – Jan 14, 2014 tu

In the morning when you wake up say these 5 sentences to yourself and FEEL THE MEANING of what you are saying:

  1. Today I will make no decisions by myself.
  2. I will make no decisions by myself because it is no longer intelligent to do so.
  3. Instead, I will make all my decisions in silent counsel with the Infinite.
  4. I want to do what You would have me do.
  5. What would You have me do?

During the day say the mantra "Life, live" or "Life, alive" and FEEL THE MEANING of what you are saying. Wonder, "What is the truth of this new Life, live, now moment?"

EXPERIENCE the answer.

Have an awesome day :)))))

With Love and Pranams,

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