Death is a Fake – venice class – Nov 26, 2013 tu

Death is a fake. There is no such thing as "the extinguishment of being." There is eternal life, forever, ongoingly, no matter what, period. Oh! That realization is going to change the way we live our lives in the Here and Now.

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Inspired Living – venice class – Nov 21, 2013 th

The Freeform Chapter is very important. No one is telling you what to do. You've been taught and taught and taught. Now the practice is, "Listen inwardly for guidance about how to practice." That's the practice!

The more you Listen, the more you will sense that your mentality is connected to Big Mind. In fact, Big Mind is your mind, is the big discovery. As you listen, the "download" will begin to register with you. You will become a little smarter than a moment ago. The idea is to then give expression to what you find yourself Knowing when you are Listening.

Stop thinking in terms of lifetimes. Stop thinking in terms of timelines. To the best of your ability, keep copping to the fact: Your actual now experience is always Ongoing Newness — Life, live — always changing, but always something.

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Your Deepest DNA – venice class – Nov 14, 2013 th

We are ripe for trusting into the deeper template. Your real DNA is G-O-D. There is nothing other than The All for The All to be in conflict with, and therefore the feeling-tone of The All is peace, stillness, and calm. When you meditate and become still, the gyroscope of "you" becomes congruent with the feeling-tone of The All — of the deathless, ongoing Morph. Calm and unconflicted being become your experience. As you then start believing in the deathless nature of Life, you will become increasingly healthy, wealthy, and wise.

The practice is: Relax and pay attention to your actual now experience, in order to feel the energy that constitutes you, and then dare to think and do as your heart and conscience are guiding you to do. You are your own closest contact point with Infinity, the Supreme. When you quiet-mind it and feel the truth, you are feeling Infinity bubbling up as you. Life Only Is, and that is your DNA.

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