On the Beam of Rightness – venice class – Oct 31, 2013

The more you do it, the better you get at it. The more you trust yourself to self-correct, so you are always doing what feels most right, the better you get at self-correcting and always staying on the beam of rightness.

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Are You There? venice class – Oct 8, 2013

Yoga is about "conscious unity with Infinity." In simple words, that's what it is. Use your mind to get Online, until you realize, "Wow, I am Online. I don't have to "get" online. I'm Online!" Then avail yourself of what's available. Instead of making up your own mind, make up your mind to Listen.

The practice I am suggesting is: Notice when you are making a decision about something, anything. Then, instead of making up your own pea-brain mind about what to do, Google the answer. One good way of doing this is by joining with your favorite Awakened One. In the within-ness of your own mind, say, "Are you there?" Just that, is the act of "joining with," which is the act of yoga. Then say, "What should I do in this situation?" Then dare to do as your deeper impulses are guiding you to do. Erase the thought that this is not possible. Entertain the idea that it is possible. Test it out, try it out, "Are you there?"

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Make Up Your Mind – venice class – Oct 3, 2013

Make up your mind to no longer make up your own mind. Whenever you notice you are wondering about something, "What pose should I do?" for example, or "What should I eat for dinner?" stop trying to figure out the answer with your own little mentality. Instead, quickly turn your mind to Big Mind, and wonder to Infinity, "What should I do in this situation?" Engage yourself with "joining," and then mentally shut up. Quiet mind it. Learn to get still in your mind, because then you are no longer energizing your usual mindset. And when you are no longer energizing your usual mindset, and you are instead asking Big Mind for advice — and you get quiet in your mind by listening for an answer — suddenly there is space in your mind for "the download" to register with you. You will find yourself Knowing what to do. It will feel intuitive and smart and sort of easy, but you'll need to practice it a lot. And so, join with Big Mind. Practice getting online. In simple words, that is how you do yoga. That's the technique.

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You Will Feel More Alive – venice class – Oct 1, 2013

Increasingly dare to do that which is feeling most right to you. It is smart to do this. It's smart to trust your deepest impulses because "you" are not just stupid-little-you. You are only who you are, you only exist, because The Totality is being Itself and it is looking like you right there where you are. You trusting yourself, therefore, is how you trust into the wisdom of the universe.

The trick involves learning to think less, as a lifestyle, as weird as that sounds. Because when you think less, and you are no longer energizing your current mindsets, your current level of ignorance, then "the download" from Universal Wisdom can register with you. Listen, listen, listen . . . instead of think. Let this be the new thing you do. Use your thinking to remind yourself to listen. New inspiration will inspire you into action and you will come alive.

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