Detachment vs Trust – venice class – May 30, 2013

"You talk about detachment but you also talk about trusting your deepest impulses. Can you explain, please?" The smarter you get, the more you realize how little you know. Therefore, don't rely so much on the little you know. Instead, put the little you know in pause mode and then engage in active listening. I have been calling that, "Get Online." Use your mind to get online. Detachment is an intermediate step. Detach from your conditioning, and then trust the deeper impulses coming from the One. Live your life like that. Lifestyle. That's yoga, the way you live your life.

Relax more . . . think less . . . and feel the Love. The Love will be healing. Healing means revealing. Healing reveals the truth of what's really there. Your real DNA is GOD.

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Ongoing Knowing – venice class – May 23, 2013

The whole point of any class you go to should be about helping you get to the place where you can practice on your own and get inspired from it. Your practice will ignite and get exciting once you learn to actually listen for guidance as you are doing it. The whole point is to be Online, so it feels like a constant insight. I refer to that as Ongoing Knowing. Funnily enough, the trick on that involves learning to think less. When you think less, you don't go unconscious. Instead, you clear the clutter from your mind and then Knowing flows in.

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See & Be Seen – venice class – May 9, 2013

I have been recommending Mirror Gazing, or Eye Gazing with a friend, or gazing at a beautiful flower, or gazing at a picture of your favorite guru, even a plastic bottle. Anything/everything is the specific identification of The Totality. Everything is God appearing as that specific thing. But if you look and see them, they can see you. When you look to see the truth of someone else, that sets you up for being seen. Let yourself be vulnerable. Say, "I see you," but also say, "I'm willing to let you see me." See and be seen. Be vulnerable enough to be seen, as scary as that might be. It's purifying because the only thing that could ever be there is God-expressed. There is nothing so horrible that you need to keep it hidden.

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