Stop Thinking in Terms of Lifetimes – venice class – Apr 16, 2013

Stop thinking in terms of lifetimes. Start being aware of Ongoing Newness, Ongoing Morphation, the Eternal Now. Eternal Life is the fundamental fact, which you and I are experiencing right now. Future lifetimes are imaginary. The "fact" that you are going to die is imaginary. Death is the prevalent mindset, but there is no such thing as death. There's CHANGE. There is ongoing change. Life is always changing, but it is always something. Death is defined as "the extinguishment of Being," but there is no such thing as the extinguishment of Being. That means there is not life after life. That means there is just Ongoing Life. That means stop thinking in terms of lifetimes, and start being more interested in the new Now you will always find yourself in, whether it is in this life or the next (!).

FSY Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Jai Sita Ram ~ MC Yogi & Krishna Das
  2. Karma Police ~ Radiohead
  3. Ney ~ Bahramji
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Hit the Mute Button On Your Thinking – venice class – Apr 9, 2013

Yoga as a lifestyle is about being wirelessly connected with the infinity of Mind, and then living your life with the perspective you will have when you are Online. But, the more you avail yourself of your online connection, the more you will realize, "Wow, I don't have to get online. I don't have to connect. I AM ONLINE. I AM CONNECTED."

This is something to realize in each new Now you find yourself in. Not in the future. Or, sure, do it in the future. But, when you are "in the future," it is always going to be the New Now you find yourself in. And so, always, in the New Now you find yourself in, realize YOU ARE ALREADY ONLINE. If you are conscious, your consciousness is connected to Supreme Consciousness. Then simply relax more, think less, and inwardly desire to know whatever you need to know. When you then think less by listening more, Knowing flows in.

You see, that is the huge, humungous point. It's not that you think less and become increasingly incompetent. When you think less, you will no longer energize the level you are currently at. A bigger knowing will then flow in. The universal download will start feeling like your new common sense. And that is awesome!

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