iTunes Mac & PC Podcast Setup Tutorial

Youtube Instruction Videos

  1. Open iTunes On Computer (Mac or PC)
  2. In top ribbon menu select Advance tab:
  3. Select Second Menu Choice [Subscribe to Podcast]
  4. Enter into [Subscribe to Podcast URL:] box
    and [CLICK OK]
  5. Window will close and you will be subscribed to Erich Schiffmann's 1BIGmind Members Only Podcast
  6. Select Podcast section of iTunes on the left side and you will find podcast in menu:
  7. Click Get All to get the many talks downloaded right into iTunes.
  8. If you would like to changed Podcast settings CLICK [Settings Button] on the bottom of iTunes Podcast window it is right next to [Unsubscribe Button]
  9. NOTE: iTunes will ask for your User Name & Password.
  10. The files are then on your computer or in your cloud and can be used for YOUR OWN personal use on YOUR DEVICES only. (this is by honor system & part of your terms as a member). File location of files by right clicking on talk and get info tab under "WHERE:" section.
Hope you enjoy these podcasts!

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