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    Venice Class Nov 25th 2014

    Was really getting into the easy long slow American drawl and the pod caste of meditation and then starting practice until we got to ASANA exp and then the qauntum gap became too great!

    Trying to imagine what Eric what hinting at as he described the actual movements to students I felt frustrated ( again i could really write a tomb on this sense being ), my mind split again into this person stuck here and unable to access what I need , a video of this there one available , I really want to know what you are describing and talking about in this class .

    I like the introduction though like the Tulku an emphasis on RELAXATION in that way spiritual seeds might grow more , and yet I cannot help thinking that addiction to the whole body- mind self thing is a big part of the problem , I-am ? The subtle ego tendencies are always there and in milliseconds take hold creating separation, Realization is that ( thorough on going undertsanding of how this happens ) , but would like to carry on from here what next please advise or help with a video ormoving pics to compliment the Venice class 😳

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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