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    I happened upon yoga a few years after Y2K. Went to Omega Institute’s Miami conference in 2003, where I signed up for everything Erich & Desikachar.

    Listened to Erich teaching meditation is the main deal. Asking for guidance, then listening for answer in stillness. Experiencing who you are. Wave in the ocean. Traffic helicopter.

    Years later, humbly and gratefully, “touched” samadhi for the first time. (IMHO, samadhi touched me 🙂 Didn’t expect it — seemingly just happened, out of nowhere. Six years later, while meditating on gratitude and becoming clear/still while slicing vegetables standing in the kitchen, felt its onset suddenly, then before I could react — AAAAHHHHHHH — timelessness, infinity, profound and unutterable joy — again, came out beautifully weeping.

    I mention this to illustrate a baseline or frame of reference.

    Last fall, got an email previewing Newsweek’s cover story, Dr. Eben Alexander’s Proof of Heaven — a Western scientific skeptic had a near death experience (NDE) and wrote a book, which came out Oct 2012. Amazon’d the book immediately. Eagerly blew through it.

    On page 158, Dr. Alexander mentioned the Monroe Institute and their Hemi-sync technology, and how it’s the closest thing here on earth he’s found to his NDE. I contacted the Monroe Institute for what they’d recommend RE Eben’s reference, and they suggested their Hemi-Sync Meditation cd. Upon receiving it, I plugged in (headphones are required), and in about 20 seconds, was “greater than body” — like what I felt for the first time at the end of every Erich’s workshops a decade ago. (Hemi-Sync is a way to get the brain focused and generating certain desired brainwave frequencies, promoting conditions for particular states of consciousness. Wikipedia’s entry for Brain Entrainment notes shamanistic societies’ use of drum beats to Ptolemy noting in 200 AD the effects of flickering sunlight generated by a spinning wheel.)

    Impressed, I then learned Eben did their Gateway Voyage onsite, and found the Monroe Institute has a home study course, Gateway Experience. Six Waves are ~$100 each, 500 for total set, and I Amazon’d for ~$300. 36 lessons total.

    Halfway through the series, I started chuckling then giggling — it’s what Erich’s been teaching! Asking for guidance then listening for answer, “Getting online with BigMind all the time… Experiencing who you are… Stillness in your being… Awareness of the ever-present supra-personal God Force as It flows through you as you.” It’s fun learning these same things in a totally different way.

    I’m guessing for some people who’ve never meditated, will find needing a bit of effort and time, like me before these discs. Conversely, and the punchline, those of you who do, but aren’t “online all the time” might find “getting there” is as easy as putting on headphones with these discs. A contrasting (and complementing) approach (shortcut? training wheels?) using technology. Just $0.02.


    "Every day is a gift."

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