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Erich Schiffmann

Hello Carlo, Thank you for posting your question here. You are the 1st!

The problem with hernias is they tend to get bigger. The larger they get, then the bowel can get stuck in the hole in the abdominal wall which could cause death to that part of the bowel, then death of the patient or major emergency surgery.

If the hernia is small and painless, surgery might not be needed. Obviously a doctor should assess the hernias so that you know if there is any danger with doing nothing or using exercise to treat the hernias. Also, if your work or life style requires lifting things or people, that tends to increase the size of the hernia over time. If the hernias are really small, abdominal strengthening can be helpful, but I’d do that with a trained medical person like a PT or with someone who has experience with working with hernias. Again you do not want to do it wrong and cause bowel strangulation.

I have not personally worked with anyone who has used only yoga to treat and repair an inguinal or abdominal hernia. It would require great awareness to do it correctly, to access the hernia areas and change the tissue surrounding the hole. You would need to be extremely tuned into the area. I am not comfortable dispensing specific advice for what is actually a medical condition.

Also, if you have lung issues where you cough a lot, or have bowel problems where you are prone to constipation, or if you have prostate issues, all of these conditions can stress hernias. Are you fit or overweight?

Now, if it were me, I would make an appointment with a doctor, and then between now and your appointment with the doctor do your best to heal yourself metaphysically.

Basically, realize-understand-decree that health is your birthright. That hernias — as well as any form of disease — are actually illegitimate impositions upon you, a holy child of the Father/Mother, GOD. Realize-understand-decree that disease is not inevitable, and that healing is possible. To the best of your ability release untrue assessments about yourself and your body, stop justifying why you are experiencing difficulty, and instead consciously claim your right to the experience of healing and perfect health. Even use the mantra, “I am invulnerable. Perfect health is my birthright.” As you are falling asleep at night, ask the universe for a healing session while you are asleep.

If this metaphysical treatment works, the doctor will notice it and there will be nothing for him to do. If the healing is not complete by the time your appointment comes around, then be open to whatever treatment he or she may suggest. It’s been lingering in your experience for quite some time. Best to deal with it by healing it, one-way or the other, or both.

Love and pranams,