Q: I signed up went to PayPal and paid but i can't get full access as paid member what is up?

A:  The final step in authorizing your PAID membership is finding the email letter with the subject:

Erich Schiffmann's BIGmind Online: Please Confirm Membership Now!

You will not have full access and the site will run strangely until you find this email and click the link inside:

http://tinyurl.com/d2fgdkpc,dklcvfjpq2#erichschiffmann.com (this is what link looks like ~ it is the key to your authorization of your paid login)

This lets the website know that you have paid at PayPal.  If it has been more than a day or 2 since you signed up the link is now expired.  If that is the case please fill out a support ticket with email address you used to create login your login name & the email address and name you used to make PayPal Purchase. We will then manually authorize your account as quickly as we can.
Q:  I am able to get the podcasts on my laptop, but not my iPad, it will only play the first 30-60 seconds - any ideas? Also, how do I download the 4 part sessions of one of Erich's classes to my laptop/iTunes - it streams on my laptop when I click download, where I thought I could download it to my iTunes to play on my ipod.  Help? A: In answer to your question, we only support podcasting in itunes on computers (Mac, PC) although it sometimes works on ipad with apple podcasting app.  You are welcome to figure out how to move the talks to your pad once you have them on your computer. The problem with the pad is that the Apple Podcast App is not very good and works intermittently.  i am sure it will improve.  You might want to go to the Apple Genius bar and have them check to make sure your settings on the ipad are correct.  The mp3 that you receive in the podcast are not copy protected (but for your personal use ONLY). So you can copy the files to the pad no problem-o or put them on your personal cloud, phone, ipod, etc. The Podcasting of Dharma Talks is a new Bonus we have added recently and based on that format it would be very time intensive to podcast everything; which would force us to raise the cost substantially over the $5 a month or $50 a year Membership Fee.  So instead we came up with an ala carte option if you want to have all the files for download. Here is what we now offer for Members that want all the files.  It is a package we are calling the: "Venice Class Monthly Master Collection mp3 download"
Venice Class Monthly Mp3 Master collection ~ May 2012 – download
This VC Master collection is a package of 4 files x the number of classes so for May 7 classes 28 files Total. easy to download and prepped for iTunes.  where as the website membership is intended to bring the the Guided Meditation, Asana & EOC closing to be streamed only.  If members want to have all files on there computer we have created a download product that include all of these files for only 1.08 a class. We just released May 2012 and have more on the way... So for May which has 7 complete classes it is a whopping 7.56 (the price will go up and down based on number of classes in a month).  Non-Members can buy the same package for $14.99 per each month in the download-ables shop. That price of $14.99 will stay consistent of NON-Members no-matter if it is 6 classes or 8 classes for that month.  Whereas members only pay 1.08 per class so price will vary depending on month. These packages are in a single zipped file and have been optimized and prepped for iTunes.  This means that the post picture embedded so iTunes will see artwork etc.  organized so each class is an album of its own in iTunes and very easy to import into itunes.  From my understanding once you have them in itunes it is very easy to access on your personal cloud.  Here is the link to the product description page.
Venice Class Monthly Mp3 Master collection ~ May 2012 – download
Are you using Firefox for best browser experience? Yes others will work but not as well for many reasons. Podcasts of Dharma Talks on Computers (laptops & desktops) using iTunes to play music etc. Is iTunes installed on your computer? If so did you go to then enter the https://erichschiffmann.com/podcast then entering your login name & the password from erichschiffmann.com? Podcasts on iPads, iPhones, iPods, The app to use is from Apple and is Free available in the Apple Store "Podcasts". Podcasts on Androids BeyondPod App Free version available in Android Google Shop. Tutorial https://erichschiffmann.com/bigmind-podcast-download-tutorial/ These apps can use a member site login: Here are the address that allow subscription to podcast feeds... These is a member only feed that is why it is not in apple store, But you can subscribe in iTunes following instructions just above or in the podcast following instructions for subscribing to rss feed by url: URL https://erichschiffmann.com/podcast also this works on most computers that have iTunes already installed. itpc://erichschiffmann.com/podcast/
Q: Why does this site only support Firefox Mozilla?

A: Firefox Mozilla is a community created and supported browser and is our choice for the following reasons.

  • Firefox is truly cross-platform  works on Apple, PC, Android, iPhone etc. and if something new is created some Firefox fan will probably be the first to create a new version.
  • Firefox gives a better experience for the user. There are cool things that we have on this site that are just not as much fun on other browsers.
  • Mozilla the Firefox organization is a non-profit free open source code initiative and Firefox is a very community conscious BIGmind type of creation motivated on spirit of tribe utility
  • Firefox is upgraded more frequently than any other browsers. It is a non-profit.

Q: How to change Passwords once signed on? A: Change password to your own using the https://erichschiffmann.com/edit-my-info/ . Include in new password Upper case, Lower case, Punctuation mark too like !@#$#$%^ all fine i believe!
Q: Why am i getting  an ERROR #2032? A: if you are seeing this ERROR #2032 it means one of 3 things.  Either you are not signed in as a member or you don't have the level of access to the BLUE/INDIGO content, Or you have already used the free views for this period.  Free views will reset after 60 days.  Also for security the site will sign you off after 60 minutes idle. With the ORANGE free member account you can only access a limited number of views per a limited time it will reset after a period of time to allow for more views ... when you upgrade to BLUE $5 a month or the best deal is $50 a year and you get 2 months free also you get unlimited views and all member subscription content.
Q: What permissions come with membership to Erich Schiffmann's BIGmind online? A: ©™2012 ErichSchiffmann.com. All Rights Reserved. For personal use only!
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