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  • A Holiday Video
    from John Lennon

    A Holiday Message

    from Erich

    Thank you for making BIGmind Online so popular. It is growing and unfolding at a very healthy, smooth pace. I am very happy with how many nice comments I am receiving from people from all over our globe who are making use of all the material we are putting up there.

    As our Gift to you for this Holiday Season, as well as an End of The Year thank you to you for being a member, I am making these 3 products available to you:

    1. A FREE digital download of the current FSY Teacher Training manual, a 200+ page document I use in my FSY trainings, as well as
    2. A Monthly Bundle of my Venice Classes consisting of all the Talks, all the Meditations, and all the Guided Asana Sessions from the month of July 2012, as well as
    3. A downloadable e-book of the Talk Transcripts from that month.

    I hope you enjoy these three gifts. I also hope you have a love-filled remainder of the year, imbued with insight and revelation, and feel inspired about the year to come.

    What an amazing time to be together on the Planet! Jai ho!

    Please get your copy of the Ali MacGraw DVD digital download while it is available. It is classic.

    I'm looking forward to more Talks, more Meditations, more Guided Asana Sessions, as well as Workshops, Teacher Trainings, and new video products, including some early footage from 1989 and my early classes at Yoga Works, Santa Monica.

    Thank you for being with me. May you bless and be blessed with clearer and clear Truth-realization, Life-appreciation, Love, lived.

    Love & Pranams,