Feel the Truth of What You Are – venice class – Aug 7, 2014 th

The trick involves learning to shift your attention. Simply learn to QUIET MIND IT every once in a while and SHIFT YOUR ATTENTION to the feeling-tone of Life happening as you. It is a simple idea. But you have to do it, and do it, and do it, and do it, and do it. Do it a million times a day. You are doing something, is the point. So catch yourself. What are you doing? "I'm freaking myself out with thoughts about the future. I'm freaking myself out with thoughts about the past. I'm freaking myself out with how the world is playing out."

Yes, all of these things are freaky, especially if you are not tuning-in. And so, practice SHIFTING YOUR ATTENTION to the feeling-tone-truth of you. The download from Infinite Mind will then begin to consciously register with you. You will find yourself knowing what to do in order to solve the things that were freaking you out. Underline that last sentence. Like, just "get it," somehow.

The more you LISTEN, the more you will find yourself KNOWING what to do about the many things that are worrying you. And so, you are not being irresponsible by feeling the energy of who you are, or by learning to not think quite so much. You are actually being ultimately responsible. Yay! This is good for you, and good for the team.

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Lou Zeldis

In Loving Memory ~ Our Friend & Brother

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