I Always Knew It Would Come to This – venice classic – Nov 2, 2010

Classic venice class 2010

Excellent Dharma Talk ~ Heavy Handed Dog ~ Gecko

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Happy New Now – venice class – Jan 3, 2012

What it means to be "online." Explanation of the new three-part Meditation:
  1. Counting from 1-6
  2. Mentally say “in” & “out,”
  3. Ride the breath non-verbally
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The God Truth – venice class – Jan 5, 2012

God means Supreme Being.
    God means Supreme Being. You are only here because God is erupting as you. You are the Totality in specific and unique self-expression.
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the Homework is to Be Online All the Time – venice class – Jan 10, 2012

Classic Venice Class recorded Live Use your mind to be online...and then be wherever you be. Wherever you are is exactly where you should be channeling Online Knowing. Podcast feed for members only: Subscribe

Your New Common Sense
Venice Class ~ January 12, 2012a

All Membership Levels. Venice Class Opening Talk by Erich Schiffmann. All you’ve got to do is stop making up your own little mind… and listen. When you do that the Google downloads, and starts feeling like your new common sense. … Continue reading