BIGmind Podcast & Download Tutorial

How to Receive BIGmind Online Dharma Talk Podcasts for Paid Members.

This Feature is for Paid Members Only.  Here is a link to Member Signup Options Page.

Since podcast technology is relatively new the apps are still buggy and some things work, some things don't and somethings work intermittently.  As the technology becomes more stable we will evolve this guide to Erich Schiffmann's BIGmind online Dharma Talk podcast offering.  The most dependable  ways for you to enjoy Erich's Venice Class Dharma Talks are as follows:

To initiate subscription automatically >CLICK HERE<.  If that doesn't work then try the following:

Additional Resources

Podcasting - in Plain English in under 2 minutes

Podcasting - History Lesson 101

Resource Links

Tips for Podcast Fans

Additional things to check:

What browser are you using?
Firefox is the only one we support although it does work with most others except internet explorer!

Are you logged in?
If not make sure your logged in.

Have you clicked this link with itunes open to subscribe to podcasts? If not try that.


If none of those things work try clicking this link while being logged in and right click on mp3 media files this allows you to download audio file to your desktop.

You can always watch the tutorials too at

iTunes Mac & PC Podcast Setup Tutorial

Android Podcast Setup Tutorial

iPad ~ iPhone ~ iPod Podcast Setup Tutorial

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