the World is not an Illusion – venice class – Sep 22, 2015 tu

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Erich: The world is NOT an illusion.

If you think it is, you will spend your time thinking you are wasting your time with an illusory event.

Man, that's a bummer.

It is really important to get beyond thinking that the world itself is an illusion and that you are in a temporary world on the way to somewhere better.

That was my mindset for the longest time.

Much of the world's spiritual literature reads, “The world is an illusion” and "You are not the body." You start to believe it the longer you hear it. But then, it really does put a damper on your experience. And I don't think it's true.

The world is really Real!

The Event we are in the middle of is THE ULTIMATE.

The new understanding is, "There is no place else you could be!"

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. For the Joy of It All ~ Karunesh ~ Call of the Mystic
  2. Kafez ~ Nuria Lita ~ Marrakesh Chillout Lounge
  3. The Long Road ~ Eddie Vedder With Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ~ Dead Man Walking
  4. Light ~ Damien Rose ~ White Swan Records 20th Anniversary

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