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Erich: All the guided human teaching, remember, is about helping you get to the place where you can do Freeform.

Freeform does not mean that you abandon prescribed routines. It means that you give yourself permission to do exactly what you feel like doing. When I first started getting the hang of Freeform, I thought it meant that you ditch prescribed routines. In fact, that is what I was recommending to everybody. It just seemed like, “Yes, of course. Duh.” But, prescribed routines are really helpful is my understanding at the moment.

Learn the pattern. Learn the routine. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. But then, remember, what you are really learning is how to be more intuitive. As you "get into it" more and more, the energy itself will begin to move you out of the prescribed nature of the pattern.

That was clear.

So, prescribed routines are really helpful. Learn the song. Sing the song. Get into it, get into it, get into it, until it feels like you own it. At that point, you will find yourself being guided from within, making up new patterns, new poses, new songs, and your practice will become creative.

You will then understand that if your practice isn't yet creative, then in a sense you haven't yet learned how to do yoga.

You are learning that now by, 1) first, learning the prescribed routines and then 2) letting the energy inspire new movements, which transcend the prescribed patterns. If the teacher is always yakking at you, it is not actually helpful after a certain point.

So, Freeform. That is why we do it in here. And it is really fun to do it with other yogis who are doing the same thing.

With Love and Pranams

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Baba Hanuman ~ Krishna Das ~ Breath Of The Heart
  2. Blessed Always ~ Donna De Lory ~ In The Glow
  3. Water Shows The Hidden Heart ~ Enya

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