the World is not an Illusion p2 – venice class – Sep 24, 2015 th

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The World Is Not An Illusion, Part 2

The world is not an illusion.

You are not in a temporary world on the way to somewhere better.

That's the illusion.

The insight is that we are in the middle of Ultimate Reality, already. Not that you couldn't be having a better experience. But, there is no place else you could be. There is nothing else happening except Reality, and wherever you are will be somewhere in the middle of The Kingdom.

But, you can have a mistaken assessment. You can have a deluded, illusory understanding. That is all that's happening. But, just that little “all that's happening” makes a big difference in terms of the experience you will find yourself having.

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Worried About You ~ The Rolling Stones ~ Tattoo You
  2. Heaven ~ The Rolling Stones ~ Tattoo You
  3. On And On ~ Donna De Lory ~ Bliss
  4. Water Shows the Hidden Heart ~ Enya

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