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Erich: Now, typically, the older you get the more you find yourself getting sick with various things. The tendency is to justify this by saying things like, “Well, that's just my genetic predisposition.” And yes, that is our best human conception at the moment.

So, for example, "My father died of a blood clot. Blood clots are genetic. I am almost the age that my father was when he died. I'll probably get a blood clot like Dad. Maybe I will die of a blood clot. My brother has a blood clot. Maybe it really is genetic."

And so, you will find yourself saying things like that, confirming your current level of ignorance, your current level of understanding.

And yes, there is a truth to genetics. There is.

And yet, what I am suggesting is: Push genetics to the source of genetics. The source of your genetics is not your parents, not your grandparents, not your grandparents' parents' grandparents. Your real DNA is sourced by the Source of all.

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Water Shows the Hidden Heart ~ Enya
  2. Dubfire ~ Adham Shaikh ~ Fusion
  3. Mumbai Theme ~ A.R. Rabman ~ Café del Mar, Vol. 5

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