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Chapter Two in here is typically Meditation. The technique we have been doing lately is called Conscious Immobility. The idea is to sit absolutely still without holding yourself still. It doesn't sound like it would be fun. But, for a couple minutes it is great.

It is such an interesting practice to just sit there and let go and let go and let go and let go and let go. And from there, let go and let go and let go and let go.

What you are letting go of is tension, defense. And so, you are learning to be undefended. You are learning to be tension-free. You are learning to get increasingly wide-open.

Now, again, if you can get the hang of how to do that here where it is easy, and you get familiar with what it feels like to be relaxed and wide open, then as you channel your way through your life you will become increasingly attentive to when you are getting defensive again, uptight again. It won't feel as good as it used to feel. You will catch yourself. And then you will learn — in that moment — to relax. And it will feel like you are being super brave.

So, the practice is, "Be brave and relax." Saying it like that always cracks me up, but that is what it feels like.

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Water Shows the Hidden Heart ~ Enya ~ Enya
  2. No Woman, No Cry ~ Bob Marley & The Wailers ~ Natty Dread
  3. Dubfire ~ Adham Shaikh ~ Fusion

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