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Erich: Yes. Whenever it occurs to you. Just that in itself is a good thing to remember.

Therefore, in terms of homework, you don't have to remember to do it from now on. But, if it occurs to you — WHEN it occurs to you — that is the exact moment you should be doing it.

When it occurs to you that is the Universe tapping you on the shoulder, saying, "Pssst... do the homework."

So, blow off having to remember to do anything.

But, increasingly, be willing. When it occurs to you, get it. "Oh yeah! OK. Right now is the exact moment to do the homework."

Often, you will get tapped on the shoulder. You will remember to do the homework. You will remember that there is homework, and you'll think, "I'll do that later when I've got a better moment."

But, the insight is, when you are getting tapped, that is the exact moment. Right in that moment is where you should be doing the homework.

The main homework is called the holy instant. It also call it the Conscious Pause. And the actual thing you do — in the moment when you are being tapped on the shoulder — is you pause and say, "What is the truth here, really?"

Make sure you know that one. "What is the truth here, really?"

It's easy. You are not talking yourself into anything. You are actually talking yourself out of what you usually think. You're talking yourself into a Conscious Pause about what you normally think, in order to have a clearer experience about whatever the truth of Reality is. "What is the truth here, really?"

When you are saying those few words, you are not energizing your usual perspective. That's the point. Don't energize your usual perspective for a few moments, so that if there is a more accurate perspective, it can dawn on you in that moment.

"What is the truth here, really?"

"What is the truth here, really?"

Say it a lot, even like, "Two times two is four. Two times two is four."

Say it until you get it. "What is the truth here, really? What is the truth here, really?"

Because it puts you right in the New Now that you are already in, susceptible to new revelation about things, new insight about things.

That is the homework because Yoga is the inquiry into Truth. That is what Yoga is. That is what it has always been. It's the inquiry into, "What's going on?"

And so, start doing it more seriously. Pause and wonder, "What is the truth here, really?" Then pay attention to the New Now you are in. You will start having a clearer experience of Life, live.

With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. The Long Road ~ Eddie Vedder With Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ~ Dead Man Walking Soundtrack
  2. My Sweet Lord ~ Billy Preston ~ Concert For George
  3. Bathe In These Waters ~ Donna De Lory ~ Sanctuary

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