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This is an excerpt from the full talk.

Erich: We have been talking about something very interesting. I want to get into it again and then I want to read something. I have never read anything in here. I wrote it, but I am going to read it.

But, just the background on this — and remember, it's easy to get into a guilt trip about this. But, it's just as easy to not get into a guilt trip about this. And I am saying it so that you don't go into a guilt trip about it, but so that you actually start having hope.

The Feeling-Tone Of Infinity

The big picture is Infinity, the not finite.

CONSCIOUS INFINITY is the SPACE in which everything is happening.

That was clear. That was succinct. That's huge, too.

The Infinity is The All. It's another word for God. It's The All. There is nothing other than The All for The All to be in conflict with, and therefore the feeling-tone of The All — of Infinity — is calm, is Peace. That is the fundamental statement.

The feeling-tone of what is really true about What's Going On is Unconflicted Being, Peace, Calm, the ease of Being. If that is true... and don't just believe it. You know what I mean? You won't be able to just believe it. But, hear the idea. If that is true, then that is the fundamental feeling-tone of you. Calm, Peace, Unconflicted Being — the ease of Being — is the truest thing about you.

Whether you are experiencing it or not, it is the truest thing.

And so, what we have been talking about is: The All is the ease of Being, and therefore any form of dis-ease is the evidence of a conflicted mind.

Now, it shouldn't be difficult to cop to the fact that you've got a conflicted mind. And, "Disease is the evidence of a conflicted mind," is the statement.

Therefore, instead of going on a guilt-trip about it, "Oh, I've got a conflicted mind. Oh, I'm bad. Oh, I'm doing everything wrong, again, still," the hopeful solution is — to the best of your ability, as many times as it takes — slide into the feeling of calm.

In easy words, just relax.

Slide into the feeling of calm, to the best of your ability, as many times as you can. Because, when you do that, the gyroscope of you begins to get congruent with the feeling-tone of The All, Unconflicted Being.

Slide into the feeling of calm to the best of your ability, and then desire healing. And right in that moment when you desire healing, you are likely to have all these little sentences go through your mind that justify why you are suffering from whatever you are suffering from.

And the idea is, at that point, be aware of what you are saying to yourself. "Oh, I've had a bad knee for 20 years. It's going to take at least 20 years for it to get better, if ever. Oh, I'm suffering from this because of my genetics. I'm doomed to have a crummy experience because of my genetics. My grandmother died of a heart attack. My father died of a blood clot."

This, and this, and this... There are many good genetic reasons that support future suffering, present suffering.

And the idea, remember, is to push genetics to the source of genetics. Your genetics is not based on your grandmother. Your genetics is not based on your father.

Your genetics is based on G-O-D.

The insight is that your real DNA is G-O-D.

Therefore, whenever you find yourself justifying why you are suffering, learn to get yourself to quiet-mind it and put those justifications in pause-mode for a little while, long enough to slide into the feeling of calm a little bit, and a little bit.

Remind yourself, "I don't really know if this is true. But I've had insight that my real DNA is G-O-D. Not my grandmother, but G-O-D. And I've had insight that, wow, G-O-D is unconflicted being, the ease of Being."

And so, instead of waiting until you are sick before you start getting interested in this, from now on start busting yourself when you justify why you are sick from whatever you are sick with. Shut up about it. Slide into the feeling of calm to the best of your ability and remind yourself, "Oh yeah! My real DNA is G-O-D."

And the little sentence that I've been recommending you say to yourself is, "I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning, and I withdraw any prior conscious or unconscious authorization to the contrary."

"I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning." That way you are no longer justifying why your suffering is justified.

"I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning, and I withdraw any prior conscious or unconscious authorization to the contrary."

OK, so that's what we've been saying.

The justification for healing is that your real DNA is G-O-D.

G-O-D is unconflicted Being, Life.

This sort of makes sense! You know what I mean? It sort of makes sense. It totally makes sense! And so, start taking yourself in this direction, is my vote.

The Letter

OK, so about a year ago a friend of mine, she has a tumor in her leg, wrote me a letter and asked me for some advice. Can I just read it? What I wrote to her? It's pretty much what I just said. But, because of what I just said this will make more sense, I think. And I think what we're talking about is so interesting. Because, you know, we are walking around with belief systems about our future, which are probably based on ignorance, our best human understanding.

So, she wrote me a letter asking about the tumor in her leg. I'll just read this. It's 2 1/2 pages.

So, she wrote me a whole bunch of stuff and blah, blah, blah. And then I wrote back, and I say:

I'm not responding directly to anything you just wrote. I'm just talking to myself here, talking to you. So, let me try to say this.

On the one hand, forget about your leg. Don't let the improvement/healing of your knee tell you whether you have seen clearly yet or not. Just put it out of your mind every once in a while, and focus instead of knowing the truth, feeling the calm, which is the Peace or ease of Being, your Being. (I know you do this.)

Yes, you want the healing. Yes, you deserve the healing. And, yes, the healing will tell you that you've been on the right track. Because, if disease is the evidence of a conflicted mind, then the healing will be the evidence of an unconflicted mind.

But, in order to achieve the healing, forget about your leg for a while and focus instead on knowing the truth about you, and God, and therefore your leg.

God is Unconflicted Being, and therefore so are you. Unconflicted Being looks like a tumor-less leg and knee. But, don't let the continuance of the tumor teach you that you were doing something wrong. Instead, let it nudge you to slide even more firmly into the experience of calm, of tension-free Conscious Being.

But, you have to catch yourself energizing old beliefs.

So, when you notice that your vision seems worse, or the tumor seems worse, or whatever, catch yourself. Be attentive to what you are saying to yourself and how you are assessing the situation. Be aware of what you are doing. You are saying a self-limiting thought to yourself and you are believing it. And you are thinking you're accurately reporting the news.

"Of course my vision is getting worse. I'm one year older. Of course the tumor is bad. I've had it so long. What can I expect?"

Catch yourself saying things like that. Put the pause in there. Then decree the opposite.

Make a true statement that cancels out the old statement, such as, "Perfect vision is my birthright." Or, "A tumor-less knee is my birthright." Or, simply put the pause in there and wonder, "What is the truth of my knee, really?" And then forget about it again, knowing that what's true is already true, is always true, and is the only thing that's true.

Health is your natural state, because God is All. And it is experienced as the ease of Being. And then catch yourself again later in the day when you are believing something that you are increasingly sure of is inaccurate. Catch yourself mid-thought. Clear the thought. Decree the opposite. Know it's so.

Don't beat yourself up because it's still there. That is more conflict. But, KNOW that you deserve to be without it. KNOW it can dissolve in the twinkling of any eye. Or at least have the suspicion that it could dissolve that quickly, or nearly. Then twinkle, like you do.

And she does twinkle.


With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

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