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Erich: Now, one thing that's fun about this is that the clearer you get, the more the colors start getting prettier. This may sound silly, at first. But, it is an easy thing to start playing with during the day.

And so, all I want to say right now is: Feel it within and then see it without.

Feel it within and see it without.

Feel the truth of what you are, and then look at things, the colors. Notice that as you are more attentive in the New Now to what you are actually looking at, the colors actually start getting prettier. It's as though the light is coming in through the window, and as you squeegee the window a little clearer, the very same light starts appearing brighter. The very same colors start getting prettier. You are not actually changing anything. You are just squeegeeing the window of your mind. You are cleaning your glasses in order to have a clearer appreciation of the truth that has been going on the whole time.

So, those two things.

Feel it within and then see it without.

The energy, remember, is Love. And so, as you feel it within, you will start feeling loved. That may feel hokey, at first. It sounds hokey, at first, until you start taking it seriously, and you pause frequently, frequently, frequently, in order to feel the truth of what you are. You will start feeling more pleasurable inside.

God is Love, and therefore so are you.

Start feeling it within yourself more, and then see it without more. Look for the colors to get a little prettier. That will be the clue that you are moving out of flat earth mentality and are beginning to make the shift. "Right here where I thought things were a certain way, I can see they are shifting, because my understanding is shifting."

With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. The Long Road ~ Eddie Vedder With Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ~ Dead Man Walking Soundtrack

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