Yoga for Your Health – venice class – May 5, 2015 tu

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Erich: This is the entryway into a huge topic. I'm not sure how capable I am right now of getting into it hugely.

But, you know, most people are doing Yoga for their health. Yes, do it for your health. But, part of the learning on this is that if you are really doing it for your health, then what's significant, or what's important, is your mindset.

The point we have been making lately is, "You are not a body being aware. You are Awareness. You are Consciousness, which is aware of bodies, which is aware of forms, which is conscious of Manifest Creation, and which looks like something."

And so, rather than thinking that you are a "body" that needs to be healthy in order for you to be sane ...

You see, that mindset doesn't work to promote health. Because, if you think you are a "body" that is being conscious, rather than Consciousness, which is being embodied, then the fundamental assumption behind that mindset is, "... and it's inevitable that I will grow old, age, and die, and become unconscious." That premise is built into the mindset. "I am a body that is doomed to death."

Therefore, simply by having the belief that you are a "body," which has to do certain things in order to stay healthy, you are actually energizing the belief in your eventual and inevitable death, which is not good for your health!

Am I saying this clearly enough?

You are not a body being aware. You are Awareness. Body and Awareness are inseparable, and you will always have a body. But, you are not a body being aware. You are Awareness, which is embodied, which looks like something.

And so, it's this simple little shift from thinking you are a body being aware to the realization that you are Awareness. You are the Awareness that is looking down and seeing a body, that is looking out and seeing other bodies, that is looking out and seeing forms.

You are aware of forms. But, you are not a form being aware. You are formless Awareness, which is aware of forms, and which looks like something.

This is slippery, at first. But, it's just this simple little shift.

You are aware. You are conscious. And, there is a body right there where you are that identifies your specific presence. But, YOU are not a body being conscious. You are the Awareness, which is being conscious of bodies and forms.

As you begin to make this shift, as this begins to make sense, then suddenly, "Oh! Therefore, the way to stay healthy in my body is to have a clear mindset, a clear understanding of what's actually going on."

With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Everybody Hurts ~ R.E.M. ~ 20 of Years R.E.M.
  2. My Primitive Heart (feat. MC Yogi) ~ Eccodek ~ Singing in Tongues
  3. On And On ~ Donna De Lory ~ Bliss

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