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Erich: The thing I want to review, or refresh, or make sure we are so clear on, is the main practice. I've been talking about this a lot all year. But, just to keep hammering it in.

Yoga, remember, is the inquiry into truth. Therefore, spend more time wondering, "What's going on here, really? What is the truth here, really?"

Yoga is the inquiry into truth. Asking that question is the main practice. It's called the Holy Instant. Do it whenever it occurs to you, and get to the place where you're willing to do it when it occurs to you.

If it occurs to you, don't think, "Yes, I'll do it later when I've got a better moment." If it occurs to you, realize it is the Universe tapping you on the shoulder. It's reminding you. You don't even have to remember to do this anymore.

And, if you are getting tapped on the shoulder, "Hey, do the homework," that is the exact moment to do it. Otherwise, you are getting tapped on the shoulder, you're hearing it, and you're deciding to delay. Enough of the delay! You know what I mean? Lifetimes of delay. Now is the time for really putting the practice into action — the Holy Instant.

And so, when you remember to do it, all you do is, in the midst of whatever you're doing, just relax and silently say to yourself, "What is the truth here, really?" about whatever is in your experience.

If you are drinking a mango lassi, and you are looking at it, enjoy the color of it. And, as you are drinking it, wonder, "What is the truth of this, really?"

Michael: Sugar.

Erich: And to the best of your ability put your commentary, your best-educated assessment in pause-mode, temporarily, just in case a bigger wisdom, a bigger insight, about what you're doing and about what you're interacting with comes in.

"What is the truth here, really? What is the truth here, really?"

At first, say it a lot, almost like you're learning the multiplication tables. "Two times two is four. Two times two is four." Even just say it like that a lot. "What is the truth here, really? What is the truth here, really?" Because, at the very least, if you are saying it like that — like you're memorizing the multiplication tables, "What is the truth here, really? What is the truth here, really?" — at least, in those moments, you are not energizing your current level of ignorance. That's a huge bonus.

When you are not energizing your current level of ignorance and you learn to put it in pause-mode, again, the discovery is that the download, a bigger wisdom, starts registering with you.

And then you really do start to get the sense that, oh wow, your mind IS connected to Big Mind.

And, essentially, what Yoga is about is realizing that your mind is connected to Big Mind.

And not even that you are "connected," but Big Mind is your mind!

Big Mind is the only mind.

But, we have assessments based on our current level of ignorance about what's going on. And the deal is to get a better assessment.

And so, you inquire a lot, "What is the truth here, really? What is the truth here, really?" Do it like a parrot, at first. But, increasingly, let the sentence remind you to just linger with whatever is in your Now Experience a little bit longer, so that you start having a little clearer assessment about the What IS.

Because, remember, the insight is The All is being all. You are not in a stupid world. You are in God's World, actually, misperceiving it and believing your misperception.

And so, the trick is put your misperception in pause-mode. Learn to shut up. Quiet-mind it. Ask the question a lot, and then just be attentive more. Just listen more.

"What is the truth here really?"

So, that.

With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. The Dub Sutras (Sensual Sutras Mix) ~ Desert Dwellers ~ Yoga Flow Mix Jala
  2. Being With You ~ Bahramji & Mashti ~ Bahramji & Mashti
  3. Bathe In These Waters ~ Donna De Lory ~ Sanctuary

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