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Erich: I would vote that during Chapter Three, the Guided Asana Chapter, that you deliberately practice listening more. Be willing to do whatever the human instruction is, sort of like Simon Says. If Simon says, "Put your hand like that," just play the game for these few minutes and put your hand like "that." Or spin your arm "this" way. You are getting technique from someone who has practiced a lot. You are saving time. You are here to learn. But, mostly, you are learning to put your preferences in pause-mode. That's the big skill.

You put your preferences in pause-mode. You put your current level of ignorance in pause-mode. Because, when you do, and you don't energize what you already know, you discover that a bigger wisdom starts bubbling through you.

The whole point is to get in touch with the bigger wisdom. And the bigger wisdom isn't just going to feel like you are hearing a "bigger wisdom," as though it is from somewhere else. It is going to start feeling authentically YOU. And that's nice.

You start getting the sense that it's OK to be you. In fact, you were built to BE YOU. But, you only exist, remember, because THE ALL is being you. You are special and unique, but you are The All being special and unique. It's cool how this is.

And so, increasingly, you just dare to do exactly what you are feeling like doing. At first, I wouldn't let myself do that, because it seemed egocentric. It seemed self-centric. It seemed like what I was trying not to do. "I'm trying to get rid of my ego, so I can get in touch with the bigger wisdom."

But, again, you only exist because The All is being you.

Therefore, the deeper wisdom that bubbles up will simply feel like you. It will be your new commonsense.

So, get the idea: When you put what you normally think in pause-mode, a deeper impulse will start animating you.

Now, what we were saying the other day... Do you have a minute? We can do this for a minute?

The point is, again, you only exist because The All is being you. God is being you.

I like to say it like, "You are not God, but God IS all there is of YOU."

So, you're God, in the sense that you are not anything other than God.

But, you did not make yourself. You are not First Cause in that sense. But, there is nothing other than God in infinite self-expression right there where you are. God is all there is of you.

At first, that seemed radical. Now it's like, "Well, of course. Of course! What did I think was happening?"

It is not egotistical to admit or realize that God is all there is of you. At first, that seemed preposterous and egotistical. But, increasingly, you realize, "Oh wow, the egotistical mindset is thinking that you had anything to do with your own existence."

God IS all there is of you.

Therefore, you are not the little dweeb you think you are.

And, therefore, whatever the true nature of The All is, is what the true nature of you is.

And, right at that point, it's easy to get hypothetical about things, proclaiming prematurely, for example, "God is Love and therefore so am I." Yes, that's true. But, you will only really know that it's true when you first experience the truth of who you are, and then realize, "Oh wow, therefore, that is what God is, because God is being what I am."

A little wave on the ocean... all it has to do is relax into itself, and it will start feeling the immensity of the ocean as being the truest thing about what it is.

You are a mind in Mind.

You are a conscious being in Consciousness.

You are the Self, the One and Only.

And so, without speculating about it too much, the trick is to just feel the truth of what you are. The truth of what you are is the truth of what Consciousness IS. Because, whatever Consciousness IS is what you are. And, I'll keep this short, but Consciousness — and this is where people get confused, frequently — Consciousness is formless.

Now, when I first started hearing about formlessness, it seemed like, "Well, if it's formless, then it's not really there. Forms are there."

A form is anything with a border or a boundary. Forms are things. Like a bubble. But, forms float and have their existence in formlessness. A cloud or a bubble is a form, but the cloud or bubble is floating in the sky, which is form-less. There is no border or boundary around the sky, and yet it's really there.

The point is that Consciousness Itself is like a conscious sky. Consciousness is the Sky (or Context, or Place) in which the experience of sky and clouds and forms is happening. Consciousness is the SKY OF MIND in which Manifest Creation is happening.

Just sort of get that. Consciousness is where it's all happening.

Therefore, if you are a conscious being — and you are — then, whatever is true of Consciousness is the truest thing about you.

Forms, like the weather, are always changing. And so, if you think that fundamentally you are a form, a body, then you will think that you are always changing, and that death is in your future.

Whereas, if you just make this little shift and realize, "Oh wow, actually I'm a conscious being. Therefore, I am whatever the true nature of Consciousness is, really. Consciousness isn't changing. The weather is changing — what I'm aware of is changing, forms are changing — but the sky of Consciousness (in which all the forms are happening) is not changing. Therefore, neither am I." That is a fundamental change of mind.

Right now, you are conscious. Get the sense that, "Wow, the Consciousness that I am is aware of change. Yes, I can see things changing. I can feel things changing. Yes, no doubt. But, the Consciousness that I am is steady. It's just here. It is not changing."

You, as Consciousness, are not being born, are not dying. You are here and aware, and it's effortless.

With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

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  2. Free Fallin' ~ Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ~ Greatest Hits

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