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Erich: So, in terms of a new paradigm — and this isn't new. I've talked about this. But, it's helpful to have this clarity every once in a while.

Infinity IS.

Infinite means "not finite."

Forms are finite. Anything with a border or a boundary is finite.

Infinity is the not-finite CONTEXT in which finite things have their existence.

The not-finite infinite context is Consciousness.

CONSCIOUSNESS is the Context in which Manifest Creation is happening, and the feeling-tone of this Infinite Consciousness is calm.

This is the point I have been trying to emphasize.

The feeling-tone of Infinity is calm because there is nothing other than Infinity for Infinity to be in conflict with. And therefore, since you exist, and since YOU are the specific self-expression of Infinity, then the truest feeling-tone about you is calm.

Now, if you are not feeling calm, it's because you are acting at odds with the movement of Infinity. Do that long enough and it starts to feel normal. But, every once in a while, you will have insight into the fact that, "Wow, The All is being all. The All is being me. The feeling-tone of The All is CALM."

And then, if you just practice a little bit, — sitting down, getting quiet, so that the gyroscope of you gets centered and smooth —you will feel yourself merging with Infinity. Those are the words you are likely to use. They are not accurate. You are not "merging" with Infinity, though it will seem like that if you have become dissonant.

But, if you will sit down and go for the feeling of calm, you will find that whatever you are then guided to do will be congruent with Life. It will then make even more sense to trust yourself to do whatever you are being guided to do. You will also discover that because the feeling-tone of Infinity is calm it is also joy.

Therefore, the truest feeling-tone about you is JOY :)))

As you begin to experience the truth of that, you will feel subtle joy.

So, that is what I have been talking about a lot lately.

The easiest place to get familiar with the feeling of subtle joy is in bed, in the morning, when you are first waking up.

And so, the homework I have been suggesting is the bed med. And I would really vote, if you are not already in the habit or practice of doing this yet, get yourself to do it.

Forty-five minutes before the alarm goes off, when you find yourself waking up, and you are in a sleepy, contorted position, just drag yourself up to a semi-vertical position. Or, get into Savasana and put yourself in a more symmetrical alignment.

Then, almost go back to sleep.

You won't go back to sleep, and if you do, so what? The alarm will wake you up in a few minutes. But, you will find yourself waking up slowly, slowly, slowly.

And, if you just sit there and relax, you will begin to feel subtle joy. You will start having the conscious experience of subtle joy, and you will know that you are not making it up. You will know that you are not having to contrive it. You do not have to do anything in order to keep feeling it. All you have to do is chill. Because the feeling-tone of The All is Calm, is Joy, is Life, is Alive, — and because that is therefore the truest thing about you — that is what you will start to feel increasingly. Get familiar with it for a couple minutes in the morning here where it's easy. It will make a difference. It's nice.

With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Within You Without You ~ The Beatles ~ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  2. Across The Universe ~ The Beatles ~ Let It Be
  3. Dubfire ~ Adham Shaikh ~ Fusion

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