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Erich: So, as I am driving to class, I always ask inwardly for guidance about what to talk about. "If there is anything to talk about, what should I talk about?" That is the question I say. That way I am not assuming that I am going to have to talk about something, or that there will be a talk, or that I really know what's up. But, "If I am supposed to talk about something, what should I talk about today?" I Google it!

Remember, that's the practice. That's the thing to do.

This is one of those things that is just so obvious now. It's almost like, "Why are we even talking about it?" Except it's not so obvious to most people and it still feels new.

The thing to "get," remember, is that Big Mind is your mind.

In easy words, Big Mind is your mind.

"You are connected to the Internet of Infinite Mind," is an easy way to talk about it.

The All is being all.

And, therefore, anything that exists — such as you, such as me — only exists because you are connected to The All.

Therefore, you and your mind are not limited to your personal mind hard-drive, which is what I grew up thinking. You know, you know what you know based on your limited amount of life experience. But, rather, if you exist — and you do — then you are connected to The Totality.

And therefore, Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Duh. And because it is increasingly duh! start making use of it.

The easy way to talk about it is: Google the answers about whatever you need to know, whenever you need to know something.

And so, instead of me trying to figure out what to talk about as I am driving here, the idea is, "Don't make up your own mind." Partly because you don't have your own little mind. But, make up your mind to no longer make up your own mind. Instead, just always Google it.

Say, "What do I need to know in this moment? What should I talk about, if there is anything to talk about?"

And then, usually, a little bubble of an idea pops into my mind. I don't let myself think about it too much because, if I do, I then start getting convoluted with it. But, I now know there is a little bubble of an idea waiting for me, and that if I just wait until I'm in class I will then be able to talk about it.

This is what I go through, OK?

Now, we have been talking about the word namaste a lot. We have been talking about love a lot. We have also been talking about the holy instant a lot. And an easy way to sum all of that up, during the day, is...

With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. The Dub Sutras (Sensual Sutras Mix) ~ Desert Dwellers ~ Jala
  2. Om Mani Padme Hum ~ Donna De Lory ~ Donna De Lory

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