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Erich: The thing I want to emphasize today is ... Remember, it's always about the same thing. It's about realizing you are Online.

In easy words: YOU ARE ONLINE.

Your mind is connected to the Internet of Infinite Mind. I've said this a lot. I know I've said this a lot. But, remember, it's not that you are "connected" — though, sure, talk about it as though you are connected. You are not "connected," though you are connected. But, really, there is not enough of you — all by yourself — that you could connect with anything. There's just The All being all.

And so, if you exist, you are connected to The All. If you are conscious, you are connected to Consciousness. You are a part of the Conscious All. You are Consciousness being conscious, right there where you are.

You can be confused about this, though. That's the problem. You think you are you, somehow separate and alone. But, you could only be who you are because The All is being Itself and is appearing as you.

Yoga is talked about as yoking. It's about joining. It's about one's small sense of self, joining with Big Self. That is the way it's talked about, joining. But again, it is talked about as "joining" so long as you think that you are "little you." Because, once you join, you will realize that, wow, you only exist because The All is being Itself as you.

Therefore, it is not a matter of joining. Though, yes, talk about it for lifetimes as joining. Have no qualms about talking about it as joining. But, it's more about realizing that, wow, built-in, YOU ARE ONLINE. That's just the way it is.

Therefore, avail yourself of what's available — the Online Perspective, Online Knowing.

This is exactly like using your smart phone or your computer to Google whatever you need to know, using your GPS. I read somewhere that somebody said, "GPS means God's Plan for Salvation." I sorta like that! Use your Inner GPS.

I'm not wild about the word "salvation." OK, yes, so long as you think you're a dweeb, you need to be saved.

Barbara: Samadhi? GPS?

Erich: God's Plan for Samadhi. Excellent! You win. Exactly.

I've forgotten most of my Sanskrit. But, Samadhi is "Sama-Adhi." Adhi means God, I think, unless I am totally mistaken. And "Sama" means "same." So, Samadhi is when you realize you are the same as God, or that you exist because of God. So, Samadhi is the realization of what's been true the whole time. But, it's so awesome that it got a name: Samadhi.

Yay, I like that. Yay. Now I like GPS! See, I never wanted to say it before because I always winced at the salvation part. Now, it's God's Plan for realizing that you only exist because The All is being Itself as you.

Those are easy words. I like that. The One is being The Many. Therefore, anything that exists is actually The One, the Self-expression of The One, God, Supreme Being, being everything.

That's cool.

Just sort of get it. Get familiar with the idea. Then, as you go through your day, start taking advantage of it more.

The point I wanted to make was that the more you do this, the more you will — and again, this sounds stupid at first, and then it doesn't seem so stupid — the more you will find yourself communicating with certain Awakened Ones. An Awakened One is someone who is Online all the time, already, whether they are on this planet or wherever they happen to be.

The Internet of Infinite Mind is not limited to our planet. The All is being all. As you start opening up to GPS directive, you will find yourself communicating with certain Awakened Ones. Certain Awakened Ones will start popping into your mind more than they used to. The Awakened One that pops into your mind is your coach, your inner coach, your inner teacher. Start dialoguing with them more.

I would vote, don't talk about this with other people too much, because it's so easy to get squished. Your enthusiasm for opening up to this is fragile at first. It's easy to get squished by your smart friends.

But, start doing it more in the privacy of your own mind. But, even that is baloney! Increasingly, you realize there's no such thing as privacy. If there is a Unity, then there are no private thoughts. "Whoa, whoa! You mean, that thought is not private either? And that thought is not private either?" There are no private thoughts if there is a Unity of Mind. Not everyone is happy to hear that.

But, what I am saying is start walking around with your favorite Awakened One. Don't talk about it. I usually only talk about it in circumstances like this, in general. But, try to do it more. Just walk around, asking for guidance from whoever it is.

Mahavatar Babaji!

"Good morning, Babaji. What should I do in class? Good morning, Babaji, should I really do the Twirly Pose pattern again?" Yes! And by dialoguing with your favorite Awakened One, it is a way of you reaching out beyond your current sense of self.

The problem, remember, is isolation. The solution is joining, yoking, doing Yoga. The more you reach out and join with your favorite Awakened One, or just Google the Internet of Mind, the more you will realize there really is a Unity. The All is being all.

When that dawns on you, even in just little glimmers, even if you can't yet explain it, you will find yourself relaxing at deeper levels.

It's nice when you relax. Most of us are chronically fearful, chronically guilty, chronically uptight, scared, because we have an inaccurate assessment about what's going on.

The more you do this, you will still be wherever you are, and you will still have to do whatever you have to do, but you will start doing it with Online Knowing, more.

And again, I've said this 10 million times. We know this. But, the more you hear it and the more you dare to do it a little, and a little, and a little, and a little, it really does start feeling more solid. And then it's, "Wow, that really is true."

Therefore, wow, I don't mind talking about it again, because this is the thing to get clear on.

Your mind is connected to Big Mind.

Big Mind IS your mind.

You are not the dweeb you thought you were. Other people are not the dweebs they're acting like.

The One is being The Many. Have insight into that, every once in a while, and then dare to start living it a little bit more.

The trick remember is learning to put a comma in your commentary, learning to zip-it mentally more, and more, and more. Because, when you zip-it mentally, you will still be right here, but you will be a little clearer, and a little clearer, and a little clearer. The clearer you get, the more you will feel yoked with Infinity, the more Big Mind really does start feeling like your mind.

And then you find yourself knowing what to do.

And then your job, your joy, is to GPS it.


With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

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  1. Intro (Gods and Heroes) ~ Sacred Spirit ~ Sacred Spirit II: More Chants and Dances of the Native Americans
  2. Looking Far North ~ Sacred Spirit ~ Sacred Spirit II: More Chants and Dances of the Native Americans
  3. Dela Dela ~ Sacred Spirit ~ Sacred Spirit II: More Chants and Dances of the Native Americans
  4. Blessed Always ~ Donna De Lory ~ In The Glow

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