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Erich: So, we have been talking about a lot of things. It all revolves around a couple fundamental ideas. The discussion spins off and comes back, spins off and comes back. We're talking about the same thing a lot because we are on this nubbin of a fundamental insight.

The fundamental insight is that The All is all. The One is The Many. That is a quick, easy way to get it. The All is all.

I am not "doing" me. You are not "doing" you. You only exist because The All is appearing as you. Therefore, you are The All in specific Self-Expression. You are The All. You are God, is the word for The All.

Not everyone likes the word God. I wasn't comfortable using the word God for a long time. But, I have been using the word God. I like the word "God" now. God means Supreme Being. The Supreme I AM is everybody's I AM. Something is going on! And, as a way of talking about it, The All is being all. If you exist, it is only because The All is being you. Therefore, whatever the true nature of The All is, is what the true nature of you is. And, in easy words, God is Love.

In all likelihood, you will have fundamental insight into that and then argue with it for lifetimes. But, let yourself have the fundamental insight every once in a while. God is Love. God is Love. God is Love and therefore so are you, and therefore so are you, and therefore so are you...

The All is being all.

God is in infinite Self-Expression.

Love is what's being expressed — whether it looks like it, to us, at the moment or not.

The insight is, wow, that IS what's happening.

Therefore, part of the practice is, with whatever's happening — especially in places that seem unlovely — look through the appearance to the Reality that has to be there. Begin to re-translate what's happening and thereby understand things anew.

With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Dubfire ~ Adham Shaikh ~ Fusion
  2. Yoga Grooves
  3. Blessed Always ~ Donna De Lory ~ In The Glow

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