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Erich: It's funny. I'm trying not to be repetitive, and yet I know this is not repetitive. I know this is still the thing I'm learning about. And I know I've said it 10 million times. And I know I know it. I can write a report about it. I can talk about it. But, still, the important thing is doing it! Living it.

In simple words, remember: DO YOGA.

Yoga means "to yoke" or "join." Joining is the technique. Yoga also means "union" or "unity." The result of joining is conscious unity.

And so, yoke, join, yoke, join. Join, join, join, join, join...

Do the technique of yoking/joining, until, yes, you realize YOU ARE ALREADY YOKED, you are ALREADY JOINED, and that there is an ALREADY-EXISTING UNITY to things.

Yoking implies separate things coming together, but the MEANING is that when separate things come together they form a Unity.

But, even that is not actually the best way to be thinking about this, because it is not about separate things joining together to form a unity. It's about the realization that an ALREADY-EXISTING UNITY was there first, so to speak, which erupted into Infinite Multiplicity.

You are already connected to The All. It's built-in. You ARE The All in specific individuation.

And yet... so long as you think you are a small, separated, little mind, a small little person in a hostile environment, then, man, join, join, join. Use your mind to GET ONLINE.

Now, again, we've all heard this 10 million times. "Yes, I've heard the Online Analogy. I know the Online Analogy." But, again, you've got to blinkin' live it — to where you are "joining" so much that you are accessing Big Mind Wisdom all the time.

Because understand: Big Mind IS your mind.

Big Mind is the ONLY mind.

And so, it's not actually about joining, not really. And yet, join, join, join!

Is this clear? I mean, this is clear, right?

This is the same as, "Thy Will Be Done." Understand: It is always going to be Thy Will Be Done because God's Will is your will. It's not that you do Thy Will Be Done for a little while. Always! Always join. Always yoke. Always Thy Will. But, don't think of it as yoking. Think of it as THE ALREADY-EXISTING FACT.

I have also said this a number of times: The more you get Online, the more you will find yourself communing with those others who are already Awake and Online. Certain Awakened Ones will pop into your mind more than they used to — Jesus, or Buddha, or Mahavir. There are many, many Awakened Ones.

Whoever your favorite Awakened One is, start walking around with them more. Don't talk about it with other people too much. But, walk around as though your favorite Awakened One were looking out through your eyes.

For years I was hesitant to talk about Awakened Ones, because it sounds... well, because my best friends made fun of me, basically. I couldn't really explain it. But, the Online Analogy makes it easier to accept. With your mind you can GET ONLINE. You can listen for Big Mind Wisdom. When you do, you will find yourself increasingly in communion with your favorite Awakened Ones.

Join with an Awakened One is the idea.

Because it WILL start feeling like you are talking with actual Individualities. It may seem like baloney, at first. Maybe. So, don't talk about it too much with other people. But, DO dare to do it a little bit more than you currently do. In fact, do it all the time! Walking down the street, walking through the lobby, coming into the room. Even right now.

Yoke. Join. Connect with someone who is already Online. So that you start having the experience of Unity in the midst of wherever you find yourself being.

That's the big point I've been learning and emphasizing. It's about lifestyle. It's not about how bendy your body gets. That's awesome, yes. But, if you are not learning to 1) GET ONLINE (join) and 2) BE ONLINE (conscious union) by walking around with your favorite Awakened One, then you are not yet tapping into how relevant Yoga is to daily life.

When you look at somebody, look with your favorite Awakened One. When you think about somebody, when you think about anything, do it with your invisible Friend.

So, that. That's cool.

Join. Yoke. Do it so much that you start feeling/knowing that you ARE ONLINE and that there really is no question of joining. And yet, just keep doing it. You can't go wrong by joining.

With Love and Pranams,
From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Being With You ~ Bahramji & Mashti ~ Bahramji & Mashti
  2. The Long Road ~ Eddie Vedder With Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ~ Dead Man Walking Soundtrack
  3. Familiar ~ Nils Frahm ~ Spaces

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