the One is Being the Many – venice class – Mar 17, 2015 tu

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Erich: What we have been getting into the last couple days, the last couple classes, is: You are not a FORM being conscious. You are not a BODY being conscious. You are THAT WHICH IS AWARE of forms and bodies.

You are specifically identified as a form, as a body, just like Life is specifically identified as a tree over here and a mountain over there. But, what YOU fundamentally are is not the specific tree or mountain or person. You are that which is appearing as that!

You are that which is appearing as you, as a form. You are that Awareness, which is being aware of forms and bodies through each specific form and body. But, there is only One Aware One, The All being all. And, therefore, that is what you are.

Understand: The mountain is not being a mountain all by itself. The tree is not being a tree all by itself. The mountain and tree are being what they are because the entirety of the planet is doing itself as trees and mountains.

But, even our planet is not being a planet all by itself. Our planet is not being what it is, somehow, from its own gumption. It is what it is because Life is expressing itself as planets and stars and galaxies.

In the same way, you are not doing you. I am not doing me. You and I only exist because The All is being all. You are not responsible for the fact that you exist. The All is being Itself right there where you are and it looks like you.

And you — The All — are looking out at all from right there where you specifically are. You have your own unique vantage point on it all. But, The All is what's being all.

The One is being The Many.

Therefore, that is what you are. It's easy. It's effortless. It is the already what's so. And it is what has been happening the whole time.

You are not a body being conscious. You are a conscious being that looks like something.

With Love and Pranams,

From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Part 7 Desert Poem ~ Stephan Micus ~ To The Evening Child

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