the Presence of Mind – venice class – Feb 24, 2015 tu

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Erich: At the moment, it seems like you are in a world, and in a body. It also seems like you leave the world and "drop" your old used-up physical body at the end of an incarnation.

The new understanding, however, involves the realization that there is no such thing as the extinguishment of Being. There is ongoing Life, eternal morphation. Therefore, you will ALWAYS exist and you will always have a body. But, YOU are not in a body. It's that the spiritual presence that you are is visible and manifest!

We're shifting away from the, "I'm in a body" idea. A more accurate statement would be, "The body I am cognizant of is in my awareness." You are not a body being aware. You are that which is aware of the body. You will still have a body. You will still be aware of your body. But, you will know, "Oh, wow, I am not a form being conscious. I am that which is aware of forms."

And so, it's about the shift FROM thinking you are a body being conscious TO the realization that, really, you are the presence of Infinite Mind. But, the presence of Infinite Mind is not a finite form. Mind is that which is aware of forms, and THAT is what you are. Your body is what you look like, but you are the Conscious Formless Awareness in which the awareness of forms is happening.

Cindy: But the Spirit does not need a body in order to exist.

Erich: Correct. Spirit does not need a body in order to exist. And yet, Spirit IS visible to Itself, and therefore there IS manifestation. You and I are the presence of Mind, Spirit, God — The All being all. You are not a body being conscious. You are Consciousness, Spirit, which looks like something.

With Love and Pranams,

From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Sun King ~ The Beatles ~ Abbey Road
  2. Being With You ~ Bahramji & Mashti ~ Bahramji & Mashti

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