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Now, I want to go a little bit longer here, just to paint the big picture. I don't want it to seem wordy, but this has been significant for me. It's helpful.

I talk about Infinity. Infinite means "not finite." Finite means "limited." Infinite, therefore, is unlimited. Finite is anything with a border or a boundary. Forms are finite. But, any form or "thing" — like a bubble or a cloud — is happening in formlessness, in that which is not finite. A bubble floats in the air. A cloud floats in the sky. The bubble is a form, a cloud is a form, but the sky itself is not a form.

Formlessness is really there, but it is not a "thing."

Manifest Creation is formations in Formlessness, formations of Formlessness.

Consciousness is the Formless, the No-Thingness, the Nothingness, which is the Space or Context of everything. Infinity, therefore, is the Conscious Context in which finite forms are being experienced.

Now, if there is such a thing as The Infinite, then there is nothing other than The Infinite for The Infinite to be in conflict with. Therefore, the feeling-tone of Infinity is Calm — at peace, fearless, not afraid, because everything is happening inside Itself as an expression of Itself. There is no enemy.

When you sit quietly and meditate, and practice becoming still by relaxing, you are releasing tension. When you release tension, you will experience relief. It feels good. And since the idea is to let go thoroughly, everywhere, you will start feeling good everywhere. At first, it just feels like relief, which in itself is nice. But, increasingly, the relief feeling gets more mature, and it transitions into the experience of CALM. It becomes evident at that point that you are not generating the feeling of calm. You are simply opening yourself to the conscious experience of the feeling-tone of Infinite Mind, which is your mind, in which you are having your specific being.

As you practice Conscious Immobility, and you relax — and you open — the gyroscope of you will become congruent with the feeling-tone of Infinity. This is significant. Practice this a little bit! Learning to relax, and relax, and relax, is the simplicity of it. You will then find yourself being motivated to do and be differently than you would have been otherwise. The creative movement of Infinity will then flow through you more freely and guide you about what to do.

So, that's a big brushstroke. The simplicity of it is practice becoming still, every once in a while. Not that you can't move. Not that you are sitting there in a straightjacket. But, sit quietly and let go, and let go, and let go, and keep on letting go. Initially you will feel relief. The relief will transition into calm. You will then start feeling increasingly safe, and the feelings of calm and safety will culminate in the feeling of being loved. It will feel like you are being loved by the Universe. And you are likely to have the insight, "Oh wow, that's because God — The Supreme — is Love. Of course! I knew that. I knew that! How did I get confused about that?"

So, we are finding our way back to a clearer assessment of What's Going On. The world is not going down the tubes. The world is waking up to this. Start having more confidence in the way things are playing out. And, to the best of your ability, get your gyroscope congruent with the feeling-tone of Infinity when you can, as many times a day as possible, even just for short moments at a time. OM.

With Love and Pranams,

From Erich

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Sun King ~ The Beatles ~ Abbey Road
  2. For What It's Worth (India Dub) ~ DJ Drez ~ Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs
  3. Longing for the Unknown ~ Karunesh ~ Joy of Life

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