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The word that keeps talking to me, and which I'm interested in learning more about, is "infinity." The idea I'm working with is: Infinity is another word for MIND or Consciousness. Infinity — or Mind, or Consciousness — is the Conscious Context in which everything is happening. It is the Conscious Context.

Infinite means "not finite."

Finite means "limited."

Infinite, therefore, means, "not limited."

Forms are limited. Forms have borders and boundaries.

The "not finite" or "unlimited" is that which is not a form.

Now, at first, it's like, "Well, if it's not a form, it's not really there! What are you talking about?" But, in order for a form to be...

Forms occur in formlessness. A bubble — which is a form — floats in the air, which is form-less. A cloud — also a form — floats in the sky, which is form-less. Planets, stars, galaxies, all float in formless space. Air is not a form, but it is really there. Sky is not a form, but it is really there. Space, also, is not a form, but it also is really there.

Space is the CONTEXT in which bubbles, clouds, planets, stars, and galaxies are all embraced and have their being. Space embraces form.

And, in the same way that space embraces form, MIND embraces space :))))

Mind — or Consciousness, or Infinity, Awareness, Conscious Presence — is the formless Conscious Context in which everything is happening.

And, if you are conscious — and you are — then, YOU are that formless Conscious Context (Omnipresence) looking out at its own manifest infinitude from right there where you are. You are not merely a discrete form in the middle of vast space that just happens to be conscious. You are the Consciousness of The All looking out at all, from right there where you specifically are. You are not a form being conscious. You are that which is aware of forms, your own included.

Was that clear? Yes! This is SO it!

Infinity. Let that swim around in your head a lot. The Not-Finite. Mind. Consciousness. Consciousness is that which is not finite. It is not a form, and yet it is really there. It is that which is aware of forms.

OK, let's get into that a little.

With Love and Pranams,

From Erich

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  1. Aad Guray Nameh ~ Snatam Kaur ~ Prem

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