All Things Must Pass – venice class – Jan 6, 2015 tu

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Karen: Can you give us a sneak peek about what you'll be talking about this year, please? Sneak peek! Sneak peek!

Erich: OK, here's a sneak peek, since you asked.

All things must pass. All forms must appear and disappear. Not that they "must," but that is what they do. Forms are always changing, like the weather. The weather is always changing, but it is always something. There is never "no" weather. The weather is always changing, but it is always something, and the "always-changing something" is happening in the sky of Changelessness — which is Mind, Consciousness, Awareness.

Work on that one, as a little side homework. The weather is always changing, but it is always something, and it is always changing and always something within the changelessness of the sky. You are not merely a form, a body, a weather formation. You are the conscious sky of Mind in which it is all happening.

The trick is to start getting this without it feeling too mental. Go slowly.

Consciousness is like the sky. It is the context in which everything is happening. Changeless Conscious Awareness is the nature of the consciousness that you are, the observer that you are, which you effortlessly are. The Consciousness that you are is not changing, is not appearing and disappearing, is not coming and going, is not dying. The Conscious Observing Self that you are is changeless and forever.

And so, what we're talking about is shifting our sense of identity away from thinking you are a body being conscious. I've said this before. You are not a body being conscious. You have a form. You will always have a form, a body. But, YOU are not primarily a form. You are not a form being conscious. You are that which is aware of forms. You are Consciousness and you look like something. But, the Consciousness that you are — which is aware of forms, which we are beginning to identify with as what we primarily are — is NOT changing.

The insight I'm getting is that as we flip into a new understanding of who we are — as we accept the fact that who we are is the Changeless Conscious One who is not coming and going, who is not appearing and disappearing — we are going to start having a radically different experience in the Eternal New Now we are always in :))))

Karen: Cool :)))

Freeform Playlist from class:
  1. Water Shows The Hidden Heart ~ Enya ~ Enya

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